Postpartum Care for Mom

Today we're going to talk about mom's well-being after bringing baby home from the hospital While women are pregnant, we spend a lot of time and energy focusing on how to help women be the healthiest they can be

We talk about their nutrition We talk about exercise We talk about rest However, once the baby comes home, the focus tends to turn toward the baby and away from mom and that's not good for mom or for baby It's important even after you bring the baby home from the hospital that you still take care of yourself both physically and emotionally

Often, women don't sleep They'll skip meals They don't take any time for themselves or do any enjoyable activities after having a baby Then, that increases your risk for having a lot of poor outcomes with your health, both physically and with your mental well-being I want to encourage women after you bring a baby home to ask for help

That's not easy, but it's really important so that you get breaks When help is offered, definitely accept it There's an old adage about sleeping when the baby sleeps but for many of us we realize that's not always possible It is important though to prioritize your sleep and sometimes that means letting other things go This might not be the time when your house is the cleanest it can be and all the meals are home cooked by you

If you can get good sleep; rest; and spend some time alone, with your friends, and family, you will be the best mom you can be for your baby That's going to help your baby's development


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