Hi everyone, I'm here with my friend Yating She gave birth to her baby daughter about three weeks ago, and she is now sitting the month

Sitting the month, is to rest at home for a month when you have just given birth Every day during the month, you are just supposed to sleep and feed you baby When you're sitting the month you have to rest a lot, and you can let your husband cook for you during that month During the month, you are supposed to drink a lot of soup The food you eat during this time should be a little lighter and less flavoured than what you normally eat, with less salt

You're not allowed to eat cold food, and not spicy food When you sit the month, especially during winter, you should wear clothes with a higher collar You should wear an extra layer You should also be wearing warm shoes or slippers And you should wear a hat or a beanie to keep your head warm

When you're sitting the month, you have to use a very soft toothbrush when you brush your teeth And you have to brush really softly Ideally, when you're sitting the month, you should not take a shower, and not wash your hair But while I've been sitting the month, I have taken a shower and washed my hair But I used water that I had first boiled with ginger, and when it had cooled down I mixed it with hot water and showered in that If you wash your hair you have to make sure you use a blowdryer and dry your hair afterwards

When you're sitting the month you're not allowed to use cold water to wash your hands, you have to use hot water I think sitting the month is good, but you're not allowed to leave the house, you have to stay at home every day I think that's a little boring Especially when it's sunny, I just really want to go out side for a walk What's most important is that that you are in a happy state of mind every day Smile a lot! That way your child will also love to smile It also makes the breastmilk better for the child When you're sitting the month, you'll often have to get up and breastfeed

So I think it's a really good ide to prepare one of these, it's really comfortable to lean against!


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