Postpartum Depression

(upbeat instrumental music) – Often women call me and they say, "Can you tell me what's normal and what's not, postpartum?" So, what I explain is that there are two main differences to the very normal baby blues, which is not considered a disorder, and postpartum depression, which is considered a disorder One of the major differences is the severity of the symptoms

With the baby blues, even though they don't feel good, they're mild and they don't get in the way of a woman's daily functioning The other way you tell the difference is by the duration of the symptoms, how long they last Because if the baby blues goes past two, or at the outset three weeks, we now call it postpartum depression, even if it's mild – It is absolutely critical that women experiencing depression, anxiety, or related mood disorder based on their pregnancy or birth of their child, that they not suffer in silence Perinatal depression and related mood disorders are highly treatable

But what that means is that the woman must access help (upbeat instrumental music)


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