Postpartum Depression Signs

Today we're talking about postpartum depression signs stay tuned postpartum depression happens to a lot of mums a lot of times months will go by or even a year goes by where there is an issue but a lot of times we say I'm so tired or I just need that little extra sleep or I need to get out or I just need a break and before you know it it's this downhill slide and you feel really alone and depressed I had it myself I had it with both my first son and my second was my first it was really bad but I was one of those mummies that kept saying I just need to exercise and if I just you know get out a little bit I'll be fine it's just I need to get into a routine and I was making all these little excuses but I wasn't thinking of it as an excuse I was thinking of it like you know that must be it this is you know I'm just at that stage and I just have to you know it's going to get better and it didn't rear its ugly head until my son was 12 months old and let me tell you it was so scary it was I just basically had a crazy meltdown on the side of the road not telling my sister off and I've never fought with my sister and I was telling her off and I just don't even know and it was at the point where I was looking at her like like it wasn't me in my body and I was watching it happen it was really scary needless to say two days later I went to my doctor and he helped me out and now fast forward to this my little one it has been a little bit of a gong show as well with ups and downs but what's important to know is that when we're pregnant we have all these happy hormones happening and you know all of a sudden within one day we're no longer pregnant and for some of us I'm sure two days but there's this drop in hormones and then we just don't feel like our cell and maybe you feel like that maybe you're thinking I don't feel like myself I'm not being a good mom I feel like running away I want to go on vacation I have cabin fever every day feels like Groundhog Day and on the flip side you may have a partner or husband at home that is not really understanding what you're going through or you tell him maybe that I think I have this and he's saying no you don't have it you're fine you just need to get a little bit outside or something like that but your symptoms may include crying super tired that depressed mood difficult bonding with your baby postpartum can actually be longer than the baby stage especially if it's not treated or if you don't address it there's a statistic that 30% of women who don't get it treated it could last up to three years so other symptoms are difficult bonding with that with the baby like I mentioned loss of appetite or more appetite sleeping too much or insomnia withdrawing from family not having interests in what you once was interested in everything seems like a chore feeling guilty that you are feeling this way or that you just you just feel like crap difficulty making decisions having anxiety or panic attacks I had panic attacks with my first one thoughts of harming yourself or your baby feeling like you're better off in another world it can get severe and my advice if I can give you that advice is to go to a doctor or go to a naturopathic doctor I believe in both most likely if you're going to a doctor they're going to pass you a pill and that's okay it's no shame in doing an antidepressant if that's what you want there's other ways to you can go to that naturopathic doctor they can give you the panel and see where your hormones are being wacky and kind of filter in on what's going on with your body chemistry I did that the second round for me I just love naturopathic they dig more into what's going on but not to say that a doctor won't help you because if you need help that you will get help where you most feel comfortable now it's important to note that you're not going to necessarily exhibit every single sign like a checklist everybody's different and you might go in waves or it might be one big long drawn-out thing I think the most important thing is to just acknowledge that something is off and don't beat yourself up about it but something isn't right and start somewhere it's funny because when you're going through this you read things you know go get help go talk to people but the last thing you really want to do is go talk to people right like you don't want to go talk about it and a lot of mums myself included you don't always want to admit that things aren't okay especially you see other moms with you know five children or three children and you're going how the heck are they doing that with a smile on their face and they're baking cookies and you know doing all the Martha Stewart stuff and crafts on the side and just like laughing through life and you're going holy crap I you know I have a side ponytail I'm wearing and I don't even know what day it is so just be gentle on yourself because I know we do compared a lot of women compared and it's important just to acknowledge that there's something not right and choose one baby step also there's group therapy and there's also therapy if you need to go to speak to a counselor like whatever it is for you it's for you if it doesn't resonate with you and your gut saying no then don't do that but do look at something now on the flip side I also want to say that food plays an important role in how you feel I'm not saying that cures depression but what I am saying is make sure you eat consistently throughout the day and it's quality food it does make a difference many many people say well like the big deal like I don't get it at least I'm eating and they're having chips or whatever but if you're not getting those nutrients in your body your body is going to be wacky anyway depression or not how many times have you been you know sleep-deprived and you just feel like crap all day whether you're cranky or you know a little more kirie so make sure you get as much sleep as you can and also make sure that you are having those regular meals and hydrate yourself and one last tip is if you are finding and seeking help and you are having treatment to not stop the treatment because all of a sudden you feel better that's a lot of mistakes that we can make and it's not a wise one unless you are obviously directed by a doctor comment below and let me know if you are going through this or maybe thinking that you do have postpartum depression I am here to talk to you I know sometimes it can be really lonely especially if you don't want to talk to friends or family or anybody about it but you can always talk to me so comment down below and I'd love to support you in any way that I can thank you so much for watching it's going to get better until next time


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