Postpartum Depression Story – Brutally Honest Update

hey guys! Shawn here This is the third video in my depression story series and I know you're wondering- everybody's wondering- am I currently depressed from baby number two? Because I was depressed for baby number one

That's what today's video is all about If you missed the first two videos in the series, I will link them in the description box down below Go check those out They have to do with how I was diagnosed and my experience with depression postpartum depression with my first child I now have an eleven month old baby girl

Am I depressed now? let's find out while you're here please consider subscribing to this channel I post every Tuesday on content related to faith and motherhood Let's get into today's video as in the first video I talked about my symptoms- my postpartum depression symptoms -with my first child so let's talk about

let's see if I fit any of these symptoms now following baby girl all right anger

yes I do experience anger when I can't get her to sleep in her crib it's anger at myself anxiety oh yes I experience anxiety anxiety about going into public

anxiety about going to church anxiety hanging out with other moms yeah I've got some anxiety guilt yes I have some guilt especially when I'm yelling because I've been sleep deprived and I can't get things to happen the way I want them to happen

guilt over not being able to spend enough time with my husband and my son because my daughter is just consuming all of my time right now with trying to get her sleep trained yeah I've got some guilt over that hopelessness no I don't have hopelessness I have a lot of hope right now

A lot of hope that the end is in sight Loss of interest or pleasure in activities no I love doing YouTube you guys YouTube I need to get back into yoga

now don't I? I need to get back into yoga I do it occasionally but I can't afford to have classes because I don't have a job right now mood swings yes I have mood swings that is an understatement I have a lot of mood swings but again I'm not sure that that is related to depression

I think that just might be me um getting my body back let's just put it that way panic attacks no no panic attacks crying no actually

Oh irritability yeah I'm irritable but I'm pretty sure that's that's due to the lack of sleep, not getting out of the house, not getting exercise It's super hot here it's like 95 to 100 this week and I was walking every morning with baby girl and pushing her in the stroller I'm not getting the exercise and so I notice a change in my mood when I don't get exercise

restlessness no I don't have restlessness fear no I don't have have fear repeatedly going over thoughts nope I don't do that

fatigue or loss of appetite yes I'm tired now that she's sleeping her naps in her crib and I'm sleeping about half the time in this bed down here we're just so much more comfortable than the bed up in the nursery I'm getting more sleep so I'm not as tired loss of appetite

yeah that's not a problem with me I definitely don't have a loss of appetite my appetite is insane which is why I think I can't lose the weight I'm constantly hungry and that's probably due to breastfeeding

lack of concentration or unwanted thoughts no I felt pretty concentrated I feel pretty focused I don't have any unwanted thoughts weight gain or weight loss

I haven't had any weight gain and I haven't had any weight loss I'm holding steady I'm holding steady I would like some weight loss that would be excellent

insomnia nope don't have insomnia As soon as my head hits that pillow I'm gone so that's awesome news I don't feel like I have the symptoms of postpartum depression according to Google but what does my husband think? because my husband helped diagnosed me and he's the one who really saw some symptoms of depression

so let's go ask my husband and see if he thinks I have any of these symptoms Do you think that I am currently depressed based off of the symptoms? I feel like after Ethan was born yeah I saw some of this stuff and the depression I mean you did you acted differently back then you weren't you weren't yourself you weren't joking

you weren't quirky and you just seemed overwhelmed a lot I think this time I don't see that in you I mean yeah when we both get frustrated because having a baby is difficult- having a ten-year-old is difficult but I mean you still have your little twinkle in your eye You know I think you've been really good because I don't feel like I'm depressed either but I wanted to hear from you because I know that you were more instrumental in giving me that push to go see the doctor and ask questions of maybe I am maybe I do have postpartum depression that first time so I wanted to make sure that I didn't -wasn't- missing anything

I don't to say I think you're doing a lot better this time that you are that I feel like I'm more aware this time – of how I felt the first time around and trying to make sure that those symptoms aren't creeping back in personally I think you have better coping skills you know before you weren't working anywhere for a little bit then you weren't and so you don't really have anything to do besides take care of the baby but now you have been doing your YouTube channel and I think you're just in a better place in life right now thank you for filming

This is awkward Ricky is much better "precking" "preaching?" okay Ricky's much better preaching in front of a large crowd of people than he is talking in front of a camera all right all right guys don't forget to subscribe and I will see you in my video next week it'll be on something related to faith and motherhood alright I'll see you guys thanks for watching

bye! so if you feel like you are depressed or experiencing postpartum depression I am NOT a health care professional so I advise you to please go see a healthcare professional


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