Pregnancy Prenatal Back Pain Chiropractic Jen Rollins

When we became pregnant, I could not function anymore because I could not even lift my daughter because my back would hurt so bad We found out that he was sunny-side up (in utero) so he was in the wrong position the whole time and without Dr

Christianson I don't know if I would have even been able to walk or function at all I would never think you would go to a chiropractic office and get prenatal that helps turn a baby After seeing Dr Christianson for my back, my son came out perfectly healthy I can completely CrossFit

I've run two half-marathons since I had my son I would 100% recommend COOR Wellness COOR Wellness offers so much more than just chiropractic work My name is Jen, I'm an active runner and mom, I love working out, family time, and friends, and I'm a patient at COOR Wellness


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