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Hi I'm Liz teaching from my studio Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles

I'm here to show you poses today for the first trimester pregnancy So, if the fertility video was a success congratulations I'm happy to see you here First trimester can be kind of iffy for a lot of people You've been thoroughly warned

Don't do anything It's definitely the most fragile point of pregnancy That's why the stuff that we do do is really restorative and very gentle We're gonna bolster ourselves up with tons of props to make sure that nothing can move unexpectedly and just really relax in a stationary position What we wanna do here is again, make space for the baby, open the hips and also relax the lower back

Always have a blanket handy It's cushioning Then we're gonna go with a bolster Now, this is a yoga bolster but if you don't have one of these what you're gonna use is a thick pillow and if you don't have pillow that's thick enough, you're gonna take the blanket and add more thickness to the pillow So, what we're going to do is we're going to position this about halfway down on our mat

Our torso is going to be laying over this in just a second Now, my bolster is thick enough so I'm not gonna use my blanket here but I am gonna use it underneath my bunda Bunda is Brazilian for butt and I like it because it sounds like what it is Bunda All right

So no one can be offended also because it's a foreign language All right So now, we're gonna grab these blocks as well These blocks are gonna be the landing pad for the sides of our knees So what we're gonna do is we're gonna place them beside the blanket

All right So, positioning your back up against the bolster and your bunda is on the blanket We're now going to open our knees and put them on the block So you see mine don't come quite down to the block set So, I'm gonna choose a medium setting for those guys and once I feel nice and secure here, that is the key, nothing us moving anywhere

No sudden movements We will slowly lay the torso back down unto the bolster So, we can open the arms out the side and also allow the chest to expand Take a few deep breaths here Soothe the buttocks on Asanas

The expansion is definitely happening laterally So as you breath, imagine the hips widening, the rib cage widening and from all that space you've created begin to let go, deeper and deeper with each breath Soothe the buttocks on Asanas is also a restorative posture That means you can hold it for 10 sometimes even 15 minutes as long as it feels good and once you have finished, very important the way you're getting up You're gonna bring the knees together to one side so you can kind of shift on to the side of the hips and then use the hands as support to help you return to a seated position and now we're moving on to the second pose to the first trimester of pregnancy

Now we're going to do warrior 2 Warrior 2 is a hip opener and it's safe for the first trimester of yoga but since we're doing this at home, I wanna take the extra measure of giving you something to support your weight on So that there's no chance for error In this case, I'm gonna use a ball It's a nice bouncy ball, exercise ball, Pilates ball

This one is 70 centimeters but you're welcome to use something a little bit smaller or even a chair without arms if you don't have one of these The main thing that this is going to help us do is support the weight of the pelvis So there's no chance for crashing or falling over one way or the other All right and you can do this also if you're not pregnant It's very fun

All right So, we want to put this between our legs and then set up for warrior 2 Our feet are going to be in the same line with each other One is going to be facing the wall in front of us and the other is going to be facing the wall behind us Now this back toe is gonna be pigeon toe

So the angle of the foot is about 20 degrees inward and then this one is a 180 degrees (??) with the side of the mat This allows as to open our hips up evenly and then start sitting down into the posture Even though we have some support here, wonderful things that's happening is that we're getting more strength in the legs It's really important to start building the strength in the leg from the first trimester of pregnancy because pretty soon we're going to have more weight to bear So once you feel that your legs are doing work and you're at the weight of your pelvis is also supported, go ahead and top it off by opening your wing span and breathing across the chest

Warrior 2 is a pose that we use in yoga to develop focus in determination So sometimes I like to imagine something just beyond my reach Maybe a goal or something I have and just clearly envision that at the tip of my fingertips Take a few breaths here And then if you want to reverse, take the back in and just tilt that up again following the gaze

The gaze follows the fingers Take a few breaths and whenever you're ready, rewind Slowly straightening both legs and coming off of the ball or the chair I'm Liz teaching from my studio Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles Today I've shown you 2 poses that are great to do in the first trimester of pregnancy

You've probably heard a billion warnings about what not to do in the first trimester because it's such a delicate time period but it's important to have some physical activity so that you can take care of your own health and also prepare yourself for the second and third trimester The poses we've done today work on really strengthening the legs so that you can move that weight around safely and also opening the hips so you can make space for your new baby


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