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Hi I'm Liz McDonald

Teaching from my studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates here in Los Angeles I'm here to show you a couple of poses that are beneficial during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy What you're gonna need for these poses are a block, okay? This is made of nice foam It is 3 by 6 by 4 inches If you don't have something like this, you can use maybe a book

Harry Potter is a good one It's about this thickness and then you can put like a little blanket on it so it's not so it doesn't hurt you

Next, we have a bolster If you don't have a bolster, you can use a pillow The important thing is we just wanna have some support for the pelvis when we go down in to the 1st pose The 1st pose that we're gonna do today is Malasana You're gonna sit the bolster in the middle of our mat like so and this, we're gonna use the end of it to support our bottom

From here, we're gonna take the knees wider than the hips and the seat wider than the hips as well so we're in a squatting position Then we're gonna take the hands to the heart and the elbows to the inside of the knees and work on perfecting our posture That's the hardest part Now, Malasana is a great pose to do because again, it opens the hips So as you breath, try to send the breath all the way down in to the pelvis to help the pose work from the inside out

As you get deeper in the pose, also feel your connection with the earth by activating the arches of the feet and pulling some earth energy or activating the muscular energy in the leg I love poses like this for pregnancy because I remember once when I was in Mexico and I was on a tour, learning about the life of the Aztec and they told us it was actually mind blowing They told us that the Aztec ladies, when they were pregnant and it was time to deliver, would actually just go down to the river and in a squatting position much like this one kind of hold on to a branch, have their baby, wash it off in the river and then return to their work day and I thought that was amazing, right? These women must have spent a lot of times squatting to have such open hips to allow them to have such an easy and painless labor So as you do this pose, really suck your in tension on that Creating space and relaxation in the pelvis and also a sense of groundless in the legs so that you feel safe and comfortable during your labor

You can be here for as long as you like It's a restorative pose Anywhere up to 10 or even 15 minutes Okay So moving on to our 2nd pose for the 2nd trimester pregnancy, we're going to work with supported bridge pose

Our main goal here is to start relieving stress in our lower back 'cause you may already be experiencing from this new weight that you have Some tension and pain in the lower back It's gonna be a great time to relieve that Coming on to your bunda, you're gonna take your foot out and your feet out in what I call Gynaecologist Asama This is where you starting not so wide

It's maybe your 1st visit to the Gynaecologist Asama All right So here we are set up We got the sole of our feet on the mat We have our frame on the mat

I'm gonna take a couple of deep breaths to prepare Now a lot of people are nervous about being on their back in pregnancy but when you have the support of the ground, there's no problem We're not going to be moving a lot also We're going to stay pretty stationary in this pose and we're also gonna be on a flat surface so there's no unusual tilt or jostling of the pelvis Whenever you're ready, inhale and take a huge breath

Exhale and press the feet into the floor so that the hips can come up Now, we only need to bring it up 2 or 3 inches just so we can put it on the flat setting of the block here We wanna feel the (ficrum?) or the boney part of the butt actually come in to contact with the block And the work in this pose is to see how much we can actually let go of that weight This is high density foam

It will support any weight Go ahead and allow everything to just fall back So actually place your attention point behind you into the earth and allow everything that is touching the surface to ground and relax And actually doing Yoga during pregnancy is such a wonderful way to feel all of the things that are happening inside you that sometimes we're not aware of Suddenly having a new life inside you makes you aware of this whole inner life and as you're doing Yoga, you can feel the movement

Take a few breath here Again, this is a restorative pose You can stay up to 10 or 15 minutes in it Whenever you're finish, slowly press the seat in to the mat once again so you can raise the hips slowly and just enough to take them off of the block Slowly lift the hips down towards the earth and roll gently onto one side

From your side, then you use your hands to rise once again to a sited position The key to all Yoga poses whether we're pregnant or not is to move very slowly when we're getting in and out of the pose That way we make sure we won't hurt ourselves If you're moving slowly and you feel the slightest bit of pain, it's not too late to just rewind a little bit to your safety zone So make sure to go slow and take care of yourself especially in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Again, today we saw 2 poses, Supported Bridge and also Supported Malasana to help you during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy


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