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Hi I'm Liz McDonald

Teaching from my studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles I'm here to show you a couple of poses that are great for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy The first one we are going to do is Parivritta Padottanasana Don't worry You don't have to remember the name of that pose

Just know what it looks like This is a safe pose without support but we're gonna take that extra measure care since you're doing this at home on your own and give you a support to make sure there is no room of error here So I am choosing to use a ball but if you don't have a ball then you can use a seat of a chair for the same purposes So you come to a standing position in the middle of your mat You're gonna be kind of in the side ways position of the mat

Okay We'll keep it there like that You want your feet to be about wrist distance apart So go ahead and measure that for yourself Make sure you're nice and grounded here because in a second, we're gonna bend forward

What you wanna do is take your hands on the hip point and then slowly, slowly, slowly start to guide them back Now in this case, it will be coming on to the side of your belly So just press this cargo here We wanna tilt the tail bone up towards the sky and now we have our ball waiting for us so we can roll it out to a place that feels nice and comfortable The point is just to be able to bend the torso forward here so you can start relieving some of that pressure that's been on your lower back from the weight of the baby

So from here, just allow yourself to really expand in to the pose Give your back a second to just breath and actually let gravity work for you Now if you feel safe enough to come off of the ball, then you can place the hands on the floor and slowly let the head dangle forward and down Anytime, you can let gravity work for you like this ladies It is a wonderful, wonderfully healing experience

Allow the head to be heavy and act as a pendulum drawing each part of the spine down and continue to move the shoulders away from the ears so you keep the neck long Inhale Breath in to the hips and this is a perfect opportunity to try some (Kiggle?) So toning the pelvic floor, we're gonna inhale deeply in to the pelvis, exhale and contract the pelvic floor gently feeling it rise or in this case now, fall towards the floor Again, we got gravity on our side

Repeat that 2 or 3 times breathing deeply Let the head come through rest on the ground That's okay as well I wanna wiggle up the shoulders a little bit Roll out the neck

The main idea is for you to feel good And whenever you're ready once again, moving very slowly, rewind Walk the hands forward, find your ball or the seat of the chair This is at the nice halfway point and then slowly, slowly, slowly draw in yourself back up Walk the feet in and prepare for the 2nd pose

Okay So now we're moving on to Supported Pigeon We have a bolster right here This is gonna be the landing pad for the side of our hips So starting on all-fours which is very safe position for anyone who is expecting or it's a safe position for anyone

We're going to slowly move 1 leg forward and then kind of ease the right hip on the bolster leaving plenty of room for your baby And the reason why we wanna keep our weight supported is so there's no chance of falling or losing our balance in the pose So make sure that you feel that, that hip is very steadily supported on the bolster Then take the other leg back as much as it feels comfortable, you wanna try to get that quarter set and the knee cap flat on the floor But if you can't, no problem

You're already getting a huge benefit just kind of opening up this area that may has been so crowded previously So now slowly, slowly if you can also ideally we want this leg in front to be at a right angle and we want the foot to also be flat But like I said, if you can't reach that position, no problem Any point along the way is beneficial Just moving your body in a new way that it's not used to moving in is always a great learning experience and healing experience for it

So once you're comfortable in Pigeon, you're gonna take a few breath Breathing deeply in to the pelvis Remember you're breathing for two so a great time to learn that Sit Yoga Breathing And whenever you're ready, slowly, slowly rewind We're gonna bend that back leg and roll on to the front leg

Again, we wanna keep this area nice and spacious So we're gonna take the hand to the outside of the knee and then once again kind of work our way in to an all-fours situation continuing to move nice and slow We gotta do the other side now so we just switch the bolster to the other side of the mat and again, starting from all-fours, moving the knee forward behind the hands and finding a comfortable place for that other hip Working your way back so that the leg goes straight We're now gonna bring the foot forward as much as it's comfortable and just enjoy opening up the whole groin and pelvic area

Again, take a few breaths here Now ladies, anything that you find that is uncomfortable because it's pressing in to the floor in a weird way or something like that, just pad it up You can grab a blanket or anything for example to put underneath the ankle bone to feel your digging in to the floor in a strange way or you can pad up the hands if it feels like you're putting too much weight enough The idea, just to make yourself as comfortable as possible while creating space 'cause this is a restorative pose You can stay here for as long as it feels comfortable

And whenever you're ready, slowly rewind by bending that back leg, shifting on to the side of the hip and coming back in to all-fours You may wanna round up with practice with a few Cat Cow This is just a great way to open the this time and start relieving any back pain and movement you're experiencing This is Liz, teaching from my studio Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles Showing you a few poses that can be very beneficial during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

We went through a process of Parivritta Padottanasana and Supportive Pigeon Also if you like to throw on a few of the Cat Cow which we did in the earlier video to round it up, that is a phase exercise to do for anyone at anytime


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