Pregnancy Yoga & Pregnancy diet – The Vessel Episode 5

"THE TEACHER'S A PSYCHOPATH!" – Don't like Willow at all! – Its a tree isn't it? What do you think about Noah? A ship builder Noooo No no That is a bad omen The only biblical names I could approve are Cane and Judas – Ooooo I like Judas Put that down – I like misunderstood people You can't call the baby Judas You can

He is a bit of a badass Why why have you got Paris on the girls name list? – It is on the boys as well – No it is not I've checked It is I wrote it down No you didn't

Don't pretend that you remember that it is a boys name – It could be a girls name – Not really He is just thinking of one person You know You know Kim it is beautiful Finally be living with someone whose knowledge Of Greek culture extends beyond what happens In the bushes on Mykinos

How about something like Jack? It's – Strong and Normal – Mmmm yeah Yeah I like Jack Yeah Good one! Put that one down on the fruit name list

Fruit? Whats? Fruit? – Yeah Jack Fruit – Oh Jack Fruit! Sorry I wasn't thinking – Oh my God – What are the nutrients? – Poor child

– Lots of vitamin C – Yeah Good! – It is important – They are huge as well Who has changed my playlists? We just thought we would make a nice compilation Of calming music and Mozart For the Mozart effect for the baby

But you know I hate classical music It drives me crazy! But it is good It is good for the baby

And also, also do you know that cows actually generate more milk When you when you expose them to classical music Do you mind not comparing me to a cow! I meant no such thing you are not fat! Yeah well I will be! Oh and by the way I'm not doing pregnancy drill on Friday the teacher is a psychopath! – Ok well pregnancy yoga then ? – I'm not doing yoga either! Where is my chocolate? – Well we thought – and who has been drinking Vodka? – Well that is ours it is not for you? – Nooo! no no We are in this together! And if I can't drink then you can't drink! NO!!! Pyriotellichi! No!!! – Babe! – Petyr I got that on my Tchaikovsky pilgrimage Don't worry we will get some more Yeah but when are we going to go to St Petersburg? We will find time

Yeah anyway You know that really hot guy Luke? – Luke yeah? – oooo I know Luke yeah – What about him? Well He has asked me on a date next week

– Shame you can't go! – Yeah you are not going to go to that! Well I am going to go – No no no I don't think you are – Errr Yes! – No I really don' think – No no – Errr Yes! – No it wouldn't be good – You are upsetting me – The baby! The baby! – What about the baby! – You will be upsetting the baby

You can't expose it to Well I'm sorry but me and the baby Are going on the date! So don't wait up!


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