Pregnant in Utah? YOU NEED a massage – but first, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!

Hey you guys, this is Rebecca Overson with Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, and it's kind of dark in here because my baby is sleeping wellI guess she's awake now, so we better make this fast! (I'm a multi-tasking mama

) OK? So, here's the deal I wanted to make this video because I am always surprised to learn how many women have NO IDEA THAT SALT LAKE PRENATAL MASSAGE EVEN EXISTS We've been doing this since 2009, and I'm always amazed when women come in and they say "Where were you for my first two pregnancies?" and I'm like "Right here how come you didn't know about US?" So – here's the thing I have found there are about three common complaints, that are like these Myths, that when women are looking for pregnancy massage, they just stop looking because they go elsewhere and they have a terrible experience

And then they just stop looking so they don't even know that we're here I've heard women say, "Oh, I've had prenatal massage beforeand it was TERRIBLE

" And so they just never go back anywhere else or even try But Pregnancy Massage is one of the best ways to feel better, and to get rid of those aches and pains that accompany all of the changes in your body that come throughout pregnancy So, let me tell ya Here's misconception number one I'm gonna dispel for you right now Most places that don't specialize in pregnancy massage will make you lie on your side for the whole entire time

Let me tell you something THAT IS NOT COMFORTABLE I didn't want that at all when I was pregnant, and here at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage we have these awesome orthopedic body support cushions that go on top of the massage table and you can lie face down throughout your whole pregnancy, with your big belly and everything Totally safe, totally comfortable So that's a bonus

Number two is a lot of women tell us when they go other places, the massage therapist treat them like they are fragile and says, "We can only do a very light massage" I mean, like, why would you pay $75 to have someone gently rub lotion all over you?!?! Pregnant women are strong, and our bodies really hurt So I want you to know, it is totally a myth that pregnancy massage has to be light We can totally do deep work, as deep as you want it, as deep as you are comfortable with, your lower back, your hips, your neck, your shoulders, your feet it feels amazing OK now number three is that people go, "Oh, I just go to this regular massage place, they also say they do pregnancy massage as well" I'm gonna tell you something right now, ok? If you have a FERRARI, you don't take it to Jiffy Lube You take it to the Ferrari DEALERSHIP where they KNOW FERRARI! They have like, this expertise and knowledge, and that's what Salt Lake Prenatal Massage was created for we have this passion about pregnancy massage

It's almost ALL we do, not just some thing on a list of services that we offer We have a whole body of knowledge and resources that are available to you and to pregnant women to make their lives easier K? So If you know a pregnant woman who needs to know that we are here, and (needs to know) about the awesome support and services that we can provide will you SHARE this video with them and please help us to spread the word? They will thank you – I promise! Now My baby is getting fussy, so I gotta go



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