Prenatal Care for Healthy Babies – Sami David, MD

Prenatal care is vital in the development in health of your baby We spoke with Dr

Sami David with a specialty in fertility and endocrinology Dr David talks about what things women need to avoid while pregnant In order to have a healthy baby one has to discuss lifestyle with a woman ok So you've achieved your pregnancy, what are you going to do, alright? There are things I ask patients to do that will help them have a full term healthy baby

The first trimester I'm very strict with them I say, no exercise, heat, over heating yourself hormone levels, don't exercise aggressively You can exercise in the 2nd trimester but not aggressively ok Air travel, I tell them not to do long distance air travel because of the cosmic radiation during long distance travel Also changing the atmospheric pressure may affect the baby might, just might cause miscarriages

So don't do things that might be hard on the baby or you During the first trimester again I say don't have vaginal intercourse: there's a chance, a small chance but a very chance where bacteria from the man could cause you to have a miscarriage You can have intercourse, you can have an orgasm but don't allow the husband during the first trimester to ejaculate inside of you Avoid fish that are high in mercury, eat organic if you can Very very obvious well known other issues is no smoking, that's not only you smoking but no secondary smoke either, get out of there if people are smoking

Alcohol, no alcohol, zero caffeine, zero Just a healthy diet, healthy attitude and at least you can maximize your chance of having a baby In terms of nutritional therapy, certainly good amount of folic acid which is usually found in prenatal vitamins; if you don't want to take prenatal vitamins, make sure that your diet is well balanced, high in folic acid Also avoid having meat that's poorly cooked because of toxoplasmosis, avoid dairy that's not pasturized because of listeria infections So basically a nice healthy lifestyle

You'll have more chance to travel an enjoy yourselves in the second trimester but the first trimester is critical that you not be exposed to these issues Also about in the first trimester and so on, no hot tub baths or jacuzzi's We know that heat could affect the development of the baby as well That's another environmental issue So radiation, heat, mercury from fish, toxoplasmosis from raw meat or poorly cooked meat, if you have a cat, don't empty the cat litter; that's your husband's job because of toxoplasmosis

It's you can your little one your baby inside of you You have to be very careful of not to be exposed to toxins If you have to do cleaning the house, use the non toxic cleaners like Seventh Generation and so forth Third trimester most people will be wanting to stay home a lot anyway, you're starting to feel sluggish and so on, enjoy the third trimester and just hope for a nice healthy pregnancy at full term Once again don't do anything unusual, don't do anything strenuous, don't lift up anything heavy, common sense, very very much common sense

You can read about this in my book, "Making Babies A Proven 3 Month Program for Maximum Fertility" or you can go on my website: samidavidmd If you are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, make sure you make safe and healthy lifestyle choices so the final outcome is a healthy baby For the American Health Journal, I'm Lora Windsor


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