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Good morning guys It's 8:18 AM in the morning

I need to go help Fema shower I keep setting the alarm for 5 minutes and 2 minutes and 3 minutes I think I finally need to wake-up and go over there I was up late last night because I was uploading the vlog and it took me a while to do that So that's that

Here I go I did my best to help Fema shower It's a little difficult because she has a dextrose But I have to get back to the room soon because I forgot to tell her that I'm going to eat She might be trying to call me

And this is another view of the cafe (music playing) Hey my love Hi I love you Yeah I love you my love

You just got your ultrasound The labor is progressing a little bit So haha we gotta be prepared But I hope everything will be alright You feel okay? Are you hungry? It's umm Contracting hmm

This is her right now in the wheelchair We just got back from the ultrasound and as I said the labor is progressing That's kind of bad news but at the same time it's good news that we prepared the baby by giving him steroids so that his lungs will develop faster So it's just trying to prolong the labor or prolong the pregnancy as long as we can and hoping for the best once she gives birth It's a little stressful but I just erase all my thoughts because if I try to think positive, every positive thought will be matched with a negative thought

So I just say I'm not even going to think I'm not even going to judge what's happening I don't know what's going to happen I have no idea And I feel more comfortable with that than trying to guess or trying to think that I know what's going to happen because it's impossible to know at this time

Now I really need to sleep I fell asleep again and Tita Marciel brought us some food Salamat hahaha haha Did you eat already? Yeah You already ate

I will go home now okay? Okay She's going to go home because it might rain soon I'm still a little sleepy but I'm going to try to wake up That's actually one thing I was afraid of I was afraid that when Zac is born I wouldn't be able to wake up because the medicine I take makes me sleep a lot

But I'm actually happy and I'm a little surprised that since Fema is in the hospital In the morning even if I only slept 3 hours or 4 hours I'm still able to wake up

I have a spoon Some rice And let me see what's in here Vegetables I'm not 100% sure but I think I drink one of those things in one day

I drink a lot of water I'm trying to straighten my back I'm a little hunched-back sometimes Hello? You're sleepy? Okay I'll call you back okay? Go to sleep my love I love you

Goodnight Talk to you soon Bye She's sleepy She's really sweet

She's always been sweet all the time ever since I met her But when a person is vulnerable when they're, not sick like physically sick because then they're really suffering but when a person is just umm yeah, vulnerable like a little bit unsafe and they just feel open They get really sweet And umm I see that in Fema when I go over there She's like a little child

Umm I don't like the fact that she's scared but I think it's healthy for all of us to feel vulnerable because I think for me, it might sound silly but I think that's our natural state Okay so you want the Filipino food and the one with the potato inside? Is that pork my dear or is that mixed with that brown sauce right? The one with the potato in it and it has carrots too right? Okay I'll get it my love I hope you like the food Fema

And now what I'm going to do I'm going to upload the thumbnail that she made and then make some captions for it too What the (beep)!!?? Nice thumbnail She made a nice thumbnail I didn't exactly dream to be a vlogger but I always wanted to do something that I could do well and do consistently

And I've started many many, many projects With a lot of different people and I always failed It usually stopped within the first year or sometimes within the first 3 to 6 months But the good thing about this is that since I'm working with Fema and she's my wife I always have the encouragement to keep going

I just realized it's July 10th today That means tomorrow is Fema's birthday And when she's watching this it's going to be her birthday so happy birthday Fema

I love you take care I'm getting you some crackers right now Fema's parents are on their way They're going to be here at 3:00 AM Just in time for Fema's birthday

I'm kind of a little nervous I don't really know what to do for Fema's birthday I, I, I, it happened so fast Her birthday was far away when we got here It was like 6 or 7 days away

And now it's tonight at 12:00 AM I'm wondering if I should go buy her flowers or buy her a gift but it's kind of hard because the balloons I gave her The nurses said that she's not allowed to have them But no matter what Fema I love you

Salamat Be happy on your birthday I know you're laying down I know you're sleeping or your back might hurt You might feel a little stuffy

But umm but just be happy Be happy for no reason Not for any particular reason Just for happiness itself

And I hope that I can help you do that I hope that I can help Fema be happy and comfortable while she's in here in the hospital Hey my love Yeah It's you're birthday in a couple hours

hahaha It's almost July 11th! haha Your birthday, Happy Birthday soon Thank you I know Do you remember ahh Do you remember last year when you weren't pregnant yet

You prayed you said God give me a gift of an child, of a baby Either on my birthday or on Christmas Yeah She found out on December 26th which is a day after Christmas Yeah

Well you're in the hospital with a baby on your birthday Yeah Be happy my love it's okay It's okay right? Yeah She's having a difficult time eating the hospital food so I buy her like small snacks

Not so much snacks just a little bit of sugar but not so much So that she can mix it with the food so she doesn't get anorexic because our baby actually got underweight in the last two days because she's not eating enough It's a really good thing that we have prenatal care If we didn't have an OBGYNE that helped us with the pregnancy I have no idea what would happen There was so many times that we were off track with Fema's diet with her lifestyle, and the doctor kept pointing us in the right direction For some people it might not matter because their pregnancy is flawless it's just easy and smooth But ours, being that this is our second pregnancy and the first one didn't work out It's really important that we follow the doctor's advice

That we check-up often and I'm very happy with the doctor's The nurses kind of made a mistake today because instead of putting Fema on a stretcher they put her in a wheelchair She was sitting for a long time in the wheelchair so it wasn't good for the baby, and it wasn't good for her cervix But aside from that and the few errors that the nurses make I really have a new appreciation for people in the medical field

And that's it for today's vlog It's Fema's birthday today So if you want you can leave her a comment Other than that Thank you

Thank you for watching Thank you for watching


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prenatal massage


prenatal massage


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