Prenatal Chiropractic in Monmouth County and Ocean County NJ

Oh, oh hey there Might be wondering why I'm laying on these pillows here

Dr Anthony from Absolute Chiropractic and if I were pregnant, you wouldn't be asking yourself that question These right here are our pregnancy pillows, and for many moms who are growing the next generation inside their bodies, these are a huge lifeline because it allows them to lay face down, yes, face down all the way from week one to week forty and beyond Face down to receive prenatal chiropractic care Now, when people think about chiropractic care during pregnancy for those prenatal times, often times they may think about various things like low back pain, sciatica, pubic bone pain, and absolutely we get to help with all those things which is amazing

But more so than anything else with prenatal care, specifically the technique that we use in the office which is called Webster's technique which is the prenatal chiropractic technique, is not just based around helping those things, but restoring the proper biomechanics in the pelvis to make sure it's going to expand during pregnancy, during labor, during birth To make sure it's going to be in the proper position to allow the proper tension on the ligaments that come surround the uterus, right Allow the proper nerve flow to the vital reproductive organs that are crucial during pregnancy Allowing all that to take place so that mom can have the healthiest, happiest birth ever So what we do is while mom is laying here, do an analysis of the sacrum and the pelvis to make sure that everything is in perfect line

We do an evaluation, we deliver very gentle, very specific adjustments to the sacrum, to the pelvis and elsewhere in the spine using our tool called the Integrator which allows us to give very pinpoint specific care, correcting those misalignments without any twisting, without any cracking, and without any popping at all What this allows us to make sure that the sacrum, the pelvis, all the ligaments that attach all the way around the back here, these nerves here that serve those vital organs is all going to move, is all going to expand, is all going to allow the proper, just most optimal positioning of mama, baby and everyone so that you can have the healthiest, happiest birth ever Because after all, here's our spine, here's our pelvis and here's where baby is They're going to have to come through here when you give birth It allows the least amount of pressure and tension during that birthing process on the head and neck, which in other videos we can actually talk about what we do to correct any of those misaligns that happen to baby during this birthing process

Anyway, if you guys have any questions about this, about Webster's technique, about prenatal chiropractic, please post it in the comments below Hope you guys got some entertainment, some information about this video, because overall you deserve to have a healthy, happy pregnancy We're just here to make sure that it happens


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