Prenatal Education: When Learning Begins with BabyPlus

Sounds familiar? Have you experienced weeks of sleepless nights and stressful days? Most newborn babies are easily stressed and difficult to care for Notice the difference? Babies with the BabyPlus advantage are scientifically proven to be more relaxed

They cry less, sleep better, nurse better, they are less fussy more alert and aware BabyPlus babies are curious, creative, content and when they grow up, they show their maturity in amazing ways They are independent, happy, energetic, they learn, understand and pick up new skills much faster What makes BabyPlus babies special? BabyPlus Prenatal Education System With over twenty years of research, Dr

Brent Logan, a developmental psychologist based in the US found a technique that would optimize the effectiveness or prenatal enrichment And the result? BabyPlus The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System begins the learning process even before your baby is born

The Baby Plus unit contains a series of 16 weeks of audio lessons that comprise of specifically designed rhythmic sounds that resemble a mother's heartbeat This is in fact the only language that your baby understands and as your baby compares the sounds of BabyPlus to the familiar sounds of his mother's inner natural fluid environment, the learning and thinking process begin This auditory exercise strengthens your baby's cognitive function at a time when it will have the most impact With benefits that last a lifetime This is why mothers have reported that their child seem to be more mature than other kids of the same age

And they tend to pick up new things and learn so much faster BabyPlus is a profound educational tool based on scientific theory supported by extensive research and worldwide studies It is the only system of its kind to receive a US patent

For over 17 years, BabyPlus parents have benefited from their BabyPlus experience BabyPlus, the safe, simple and scientifically proven educational system every child deserves


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