Prenatal Massage OK at 37 weeks?

Hey guys this is Michelle here at Lumina Massage and i'm here at Facebook Live and i just finished a workout hence the workout clothes and the ponytail so glad you can join me for today so let's hop right into it shall we? so before we get started I want to do something really quick and i just want to make sure that you know I make this as concise as possible so today I got a question from a lovely young lady who is 37 weeks pregnant and I'm oh by the way guys here's my new nail polish and it's super cute i'm just happy about it just wanted to share so back to the women's question and so her question was is it safe well, she's 37 weeks pregnant right? So she's almost due and she wanted to know if it's too late to get a prenatal massage so in short the answer is No so definitely you know, when you're pregnant you can get a massage at any time even in your first trimester so beforehand there's a lot of speculation from the medical community there was a lot of fear involved when it came to getting a prenatal massage because it was assumed that you could go into early labor and there's been a lot more research done in alternative medicine and complimentary health it's much more widely accepted by the conventional medical community and so you know there's been a lot more people especially a lot more pregnant women getting a massage and lo and behold you know a lot of those fears were eradicated now i will say this if you are pregnant and if you're going to get a massage I have heard stories which are not so favorable so you definitely want to go with a practitioner number one you want to go to a LICENSED massage therapist so what does that mean? so you want to go someone who is licensed in your state so i'm in Miami Florida,hence the palms and this is wintertime so go Miami! and so you want to make sure that you're licensed massage therapist excuse me that they are licensed in your state now not all states in the United States or if you're watching this internationally you know there might be different regulations as to how they legalized massage therapy or how the programming works with the schools and whatnot but for the most part if your state DOES require a license you wanna make sure that license is visible so when you walk into the massage establishment they should have you a license from the state Number two, what you want to make sure is that the person is certified in prenatal massage now this is important because some massage therapists believe that there's really not that big of a difference but there really is it's kind of like you're pregnant and there's a whole new body there's all these changes so you know the massage is different so you have to be certified in prenatal massage it's not legally required in the state of Florida believe it or not so just an FYI you definitely want to be with someone a massage therapist that has invested their time in learning a little bit more about the human body when it's pregnant because there's a lot of things going on in hormone fluctuations and the relaxin hormone and and how much you can stretch ,how to work the belly, what pressure is safe, how to alleviate that lower back pain and all those things that come into play when it comes to muscular discomfort with your pregnancy so that's the other thing try to make sure that the person is certified Now the third thing which is super important is make sure that they are experienced Just because you're certified in prenatal massage doesn't mean that you have experience

There are plenty of massage therapists that have taken a weekend course and they show up monday morning with a certification on prenatal massage and they have no experience so any Joe or Jane can walk into the massage establishment or the spa see their certificate and assume, I mean the certificate will have like a date on it so you kind of want to look for that but just because a person is certified or they say "yes, I'm certified" go ahead and ask them how much experience they have working with pregnant women and then go online and you can look at reviews and see if we DO have experience working with pregnancy Remember this is not only your body but it's the safety of your child as well so don't feel shy don't feel shy about asking these things Those are things that you want to look out for You want to make sure they are licensed in the state if the state that you're in requires that You want to make sure that they are certified just because there's a little bit more education that goes involved with understanding the human body when it is in all the ailments and discomforts to really get the most for your money and your experience and the last one is make sure that the person is actually experienced working with pregnant women

In short, to answer the question "Can I get a massage at 37 weeks pregnant?" Yes, you can get a massage when you are in your first trimester as long as it's with somebody who has a proven track record of being professional and being successful when it comes to pregnancy massage Second trimester, third trimester and the very cool thing is that you can actually get a massage in your first stage of labor or you can get an induction massage with acupressure points when you really don't want to you know take pitocin or any of the chemicals or medications that induce labor in the hospital but that is for another segment or another episode or another Facebook live video If you have any questions please feel free to go ahead and shoot me an email by visiting my website at luminamassagecom if you are pregnant and living in the Miami area or you're visiting the Miami area go ahead and schedule an appointment online at the time at the moment we're located in miami lakes so come on by and see us but the online scheduling is the best so it's wwwluminamassage

com and you can conveniently take a look at the schedule and just go ahead and book anytime you please so I'm so happy that you joined me for today if you have any other questions about prenatal massage and you're just curious please feel free to always shoot an email it's on the website go ahead and give me a call it's on the website or you can subscribe to be the blog post that I generate and you can just find out a little bit more about what's going on in health and wellness in miami or prenatal massage in general Again, this is Michelle from Lumina Massage cheers to you and a very happy new year I hope you guys are healthy and please make sure to make massage therapy a part of your wellness routine for 2017


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