Prenatal Massage Workshop in Costa Rica

Hi, my name is Kaysie Noll I'm a licensed massage therapist and a doula

I teach here at CRSMT I teach the Pathology class I also teach Board Prep and the Prenatal Massage Workshop What I like to tell students is the likelihood that they will have, over the course of their career, a regular client that they see on a weekly or a monthly basis, coming through their door and all of a sudden saying, "Guess what? I'm pregnant", is pretty likely

The last statistic that I looked up on the AMTA national website is that 68% of the massage-paying clients right now are women of child-bearing years So Prenatal Massage Workshop is a weekend session, it's 16 hours We focus specifically on the different trimesters of pregnancy What happens physiologically in the body, what we need to be aware of as massage practitioners, the changes that go on from trimester to trimester, and how we can work with that client safely and effectively during a very transitional period in their lives as far as their [?] is concerned This program and this workshop is designed to give you the information and the tools that it would take to be able to work with that client safely and successfully and be able to work with them throughout their pregnancy




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