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Hey guys It's Bex here and welcome to my series, You Have Four Minutes for Meditation

Today's meditation is for pregnancy [Music] Now I'm not pregnant right now but I have been pregnant many times and I have four kids to show for it So I know all about the worry, frustration and anxiety that come along with being pregnant You want that baby to arrive and you want it to be healthy But here's a meditation that I have that will help you calm down a little bit and maybe connect with that little one growing inside of you

I want you to find a very comfortable, easy seat So you can have your legs crossed or one foot in front of the other, whatever works for you Sometimes it helps to have a cushion or a pillow underneath of you because it can be uncomfortable to sit for any amount of time when you're pregnant I like to keep my hands on my knees upturned to receive the positive energy that's flowing around me, but you can have your hands in prayer or resting on your legs In a little while, I'm going to ask you to change it up a little bit and try a new hand position

I'm going to grab my Gymboss timer and set it for four minutes It's going to be in a three-minute and then a one-minute interval, three minutes to get us in and one minute to start to bring us out of the meditation Let's get started Go ahead and find that hand position that you like best and close your eyes Begin to bring attention to your breath nice and easy

No need to change it We're just trying to apply focus on one thing which helps to ease all other tensions and activity in the mind At this point, maybe start to pay attention to your heartbeat Maybe you would like to take your right hand and place it over your heart so that you can feel it for yourself Send your breath into the area of your heart and feel your chest rise and fall with every inhale and exhale

Your body is doing something so incredible right now It's magical It's a miracle You are a vessel for a brand new life and he or she is with you always, feeling and hearing your heartbeat and you can know now that you're sharing this experience and the good that you're doing for yourself is also being done for that little, wonderful life At this point, I would like you to take your left hand and place it over your belly, right over your navel

I would like you to picture a loop from one hand to the other and back up again like you have a circle surrounding your two hands A little bit oblong and that energy is traveling along that circle This is the energy that connects you to your baby Every inhale sends the energy down to the belly Exhale, you release and it travels back up and out

You are always physically connected to your baby and through meditation, you become more energetically connected or more conscious of that energetic connection Continue to inhale, letting your breath fill your chest, then your belly, if there's even room for it there and then exhale, release, drawing that energy up from your baby to your heart and back out into the world around you Cherish every moment that you have with your baby connected Don't be too anxious for her or him to come out It will happen in time and it will be wonderful

You would be so glad that you have these moments together, just the two of you in this magical space One last inhale and exhale releases your hands back on to your knees Inhale to open your eyes Wasn't that special? Isn't it so awesome to be able to take that little bit of time for yourself and now that time to connect with your baby as well? These are truly magical moments so don't try to rush them and be glad for them Be grateful for them because soon you will have that baby outside of you to share with the whole world and while that's exciting, it does end a very special time

Let me know how you do with this and give me any suggestions for any other meditations that you would like I would love to make them for you I will see you around Love you


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