Prenatal/Postnatal Care @ Sport and Spine Rehab

Hi, my name is Angie I am actually 28 weeks pregnant with my second boy

I came to Sport and Spine Rehab because I was actually having a lot of neck pain and upper trap pain and I also have low back pain now going into my third trimester Hi, my name is Dr Sarah Corcoran I am one of the doctors at Sport and Spine Rehab I really enjoy treating pre and postnatal patients

We see a lot of pregnant patients who come in with a various array of musculoskeletal disorders and I really enjoy getting them to their strongest potential before labor and even keeping them at their strongest point after We see patients with a lot of different complaints, some of the most common include sciatica, coccydynia, piriformis syndrome, cramps in legs and the abdomen, neck pain, low back pain, and headaches I came to Sport and Spine Rehab and Dr Sarah Corcoran has actually helped us a lot, educating myself and my spouse on all the great techniques to lifting a car seat, how to lay down, breathing techniques that will actually help me throughout my pregnancy and while I deliver And she's actually educated him on manual therapy so he can massage me before we go to bed and when I wake up when I need it

We provide patients with a wide variety of treatments We do gentle adjustments We do manual therapy including cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (also known as Graston) We do dry needling, cold level laser, and we also have a massage therapist in-house that can help treat our patient's soft tissue needs All of our patients receive a personalized rehab plan and also get access to a web portal called web exercises

Most patients will be working with one rehab specialist to help guide them through exercises with proper cueing and to make sure their mechanics are correct Just the experience here has just been amazing with my pregnancy and I am looking forward to having another one after this and coming back! We hope you enjoyed this informational video If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or visit our website at ssrehabcom Thank you!


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