Prenatal Testing

The framework that the mainstream media takes is that autism is a burden It's a bad thing

Some people think the light at the end of the tunnel is eugenics Prenatal testing, I am pro-choice, but they arelike right now, the Down syndrome community is fighting us the hardest

There's a lot of Down syndrome mandatory screening and then misinformation for those parents Not telling those parents what it's actually like to raise a child with Down syndrome, not showing the ways that those people have value, just saying like, "Oh, you know, just skip this one Move on to the next pregnancy where you won't have a kid with Down syndrome" Right now, there's a lot of organizations that are fighting hard to get prenatal testing for autism So among like mine, knowing nothing about autism, not knowing that I grew up to be the person I'm going to be, might see the media's portrayal stereotypic, non-verbal autistic people, which also have value

But you might decide, "Ah, let's not follow through with that pregnancy" So, we are not sure if there will be a light at the end of the tunnel It depends on how fast we can move and how quickly we can dispel those myths, and how quickly we can get resources for families who do have more challenges raising autistic children and resources for autistic adults, helping them find right jobs and getting the right healthcare So we're not positive that that's the thing That's why we're activists

Otherwise, we just let someone else handle it


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