Prenatal workout testimonial

It's amazing that this is a challenge now right? Yes My name is Meghna and I've been working with Morgana since the second trimester

Fill your belly with air and then on your exhale you're going to pull your bellybutton into your spine During my pregnancy I have experienced a few aches and pains, the workouts have been really helpful in particular a lot of the core strengthening the breathing and the pelvic floor exercises We're able to work together one-on-one and really focus on the modifications I need day to day Squeeze your glutes, lift your hips up pressing slightly out against the band Hold two three four and overall I can't be can't be more positive and advocate for Morgana as a trainer

Definitely during pregnancy She's just very supportive and listens and sometimes I feel like she knows my body better than I do as we go through the routine


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