PRENATAL YOGA POSES For All Trimesters (Yoga For Pregnant Women)

Stand straight, lift the arms above the head, interlock the fingers and turn the palm up Lift the heels off on the toes

Hold this position for a few seconds Cut hands While the heel breathes out Stand straight, fold your left leg and place Squeeze your foot along with your inner thigh Inhale and lift your arms above the save Palm your together Hold this position for about 10 seconds, exhaling and lowering your arms And move you back to the starting position

Now repeat the same thing with the other side Stand erect with your feet apart Raise arms to shoulder level Turn right Placing the right hand on the ground behind the right foot Save two weapons in a line With each other

Hold the position for a few seconds Look for Return to the beginning Position and repeat on the other side Stand directly with his feet Lift your Arms and put your hands in the prayer position

Bend the knees so deeply sink down The hips are less than the knees Lift your elbows on your knees to open your Hips and gently press on the side of your knees to your elbows He holds this post for as long as 0 seconds Release the pause either sit or push back up To the status Lie on your back and bend your knees

Journalism Your ankles with your self holding hold your buttocks up, and arch your back up Lift your chest and navel as high as possible Push your chest up towards your chin a necklace Make up for as long as its comfortable Exhaling reduce your body and release your ankles

training From 5 to 10 rounds Sit upright with wide legs away Inhale, Lift the arms above the head and move the hips and move the hands forward between Legs If possible hold your toes large with index and middle fingers Hold a pose for 10 and 60 seconds

Exhale Lift your arms and return to the starting point Come on to the floor on your hands and knees Inhale while raising the head and suppressing Spine so that the back becomes concave Exhale and at the same time reduce the stretch head Spine up and pull the buttocks Must be in my hands in line with the knees, The arms and thighs should be perpendicular to the ground

The knees can be separated slightly So that they fit well under the hips Repeat this 5 to 10 rounds Sit with the soles of your feet keeping them together as close to the body as possible Claw the feet with both hands Gently move the knees up and down

Repeat this movement 15 to 20 times This Asana helps to open the hips and stimulates the reproductive system


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