Prenatal Yoga Poses – Sideways Swing | Parents

-Here's a great pose for your first trimester So, from the cross legged seat, bring your legs over to the left hand side, extend your arms in front of you, interlace your palms and inhale, reach your arms overhead and stretch up and over to the same side as your feet

During the first trimester or throughout pregnancy, a lot of women experience constipation So, this pose can help with your digestion and it will also help tone and lengthen your sideways While you're doing yoga, try to keep your face relaxed and your jaw relaxed Take 1 more breath, inhale reach, your arms up and then exhale, extend your arms down by your side and then switch over to the other side You may notice the difference between both sides, but that's okay, perfectly normal for the body to be slightly unbalanced then returns up and overhead, breathe deeply and take 1 more breath, inhale with your arms with your arms up overhead and then exhale to your arms down by your side

Come back to a cross legged seat and then just notice how you feel Close your eyes and take 1 breath Good job


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