Prenatal Yoga: What You Need to Know


What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Advocates of prenatal yoga are adamant that the benefits of participating in this form of exercise are vast. First off, there are many yoga poses, such as Pigeon Pose or Cat-Cow Stretch, that can help you open up your hips to make more room for your child to descend through. Additionally, since yoga is a form of exercise, it helps build your endurance and can make the childbirth process easier for you.

But more than its physical benefits, prenatal yoga can help you with your mood and your mind control as you go through the pregnancy process. How does it do this? The endorphins that are released as you participate in the poses actually help to balance out the crazy hormones rushing through your body when you are pregnant, making it easier to stay in a pleasant mood. More than that, a large part of completing yoga successfully is proper breathing techniques and mind control. Both of these skills will be priceless throughout the birthing process.

What are the risks of prenatal yoga?

While it may seem that you can’t go wrong building up your stamina and improving your mood, there are some risks of pregnant yoga that you need to be aware of. Just like any form of exercise, you need to be cautious about any twists or deep bending poses that may compromise your abdomen. There are also some breathing techniques that are not recommend while you are pregnant, like the Breath of Fire, because they don’t allow for enough oxygen to get to your growing baby.

Something else to be aware of when performing prenatal yoga is the risk of overextending yourself. Since your body is full of the hormone relaxin, your muscles are much more flexible than usual. It is very easy to be doing a yoga pose and injure yourself by accidentally over stretching.

Is prenatal yoga right for me?

If, after hearing the pros and cons of pregnant yoga, you decide that it seems like a good idea for you, you will want to make sure to get clearance from your doctor before proceeding. After that, pair up with an experienced prenatal yoga instructor who will be able to guide you through the poses while keeping you safe. Above all, listen to your body. It will let you know if you are pushing yourself too hard are attempting something that is not ideal for your pregnant state.


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