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– Hey, welcome back to Yoga with Tim Today, we have a very special edition on day eleven where I'm here with my friend Lauren

And Lauren is pregnant so we're gonna do a little prenatal Yoga So, they way that we got the idea for doing this prenatal Yoga, which is long over due, we should have had a prenatal Yoga on Yoga with Tim long ago, but my friend Ellen Fisher And, check her out, she's on YouTube and she has great vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle kind of ideas and coaching type things Also, she's on Instagram Ellen Fisher Check her out, she lives like an amazing life in Hawaii

And so, she actually gave us the idea for doing this prenatal yoga So, the thing you should know about practicing prenatal Yoga if you're pregnant is that your intuition, would you say, is very heightened So, I was actually just asking Lauren about what she would like to do for this sequence because if you listen to your body then you really can feel what you need to stretch out, what feels good to relieve the pain that's going on Would you say that? – Yeah, pressure maybe – The pressure, yeah the pressure that's occurring

So, Lauren was also saying that she's in her third trimester and just 10 days out And, just over the last week there's been some shifting and if she goes too wide in any of her standing poses there's some nerve pain – Yeah – Okay So, today the way we're gonna practice is to kind of to feel through this and I would encourage you to feel through what we're doing today yourself and if something feels like it doesn't feel right just modify

So, we're gonna start off standing in Mountain Pose – Okay – Okay, so let's stand and take your feet a comfortable distance apart, you too at home It doesn't have to be what we're doing And then, raise your arms up overhead

Inhale, stretch your arms and exhale bring 'em back down Just kind of warm up the shoulders a little bit Inhale to reach your arms up and exhale to bring 'em down Two more times, starting to get movement in the shoulders, free up tension in the neck And one more time

Now, Lauren's also assured me that she's not gonna pop out the baby, so we'll hope that doesn't happen Okay, then take your arms all the way up and let's do a side bend over to the right So, as you side bend be steady on your feet and stretch down from your left hip through your right heel as you breathe space into your left side body Then, come back up and side bend over to the left And, stay steady on your feet, make sure you're not so wide to where you're losing balance

Connect from your hip down through your heel, breathe space into your ribs Then, come back up Should we do one more? – Yes – One more side bend over to the right Bend over, and breath space through that side

Keep reaching through your hip Visualize your side body like gills, like you could open them up And then, over to the other side Good, then come back up and we're gonna do this little forward fold So, bring your hands to your legs wherever feels comfortable

And, Lauren's saying that this really helps to relieve pressure there when she hangs out in this position How long do you hang out in this position for? – As long as I can – As long as you can (laughs) So, this could be a great stretch for you to do to help to relieve pressure in your back So, as you hang out here in this position connect to your breath and feel how your breath can help to relieve tension, the way that you're breathing

So, smooth, steady, rhythmic breathing All right, then press down through your feet and come back up to stand Good, okay now let's practice some seated postures So, have a seat – Okay

– And, we'll start off in Baddha Konasana with the soles of the feet together, the knees wide apart So, as you hold in this position work on stretching straight down through your sit bones so that your pelvis is in a neutral position And then, create a lift through the sides of your body to help to relieve the tension in your hips and in your back So, you're just practicing sitting with good posture, almost like you're sitting with your back against the wall And, you can actually do this with your back against the wall if it feels like your muscles are straining to sit in this position

Fine to sit with your back against the wall as well in any of these seated stretches that we're going to do So, one way to help to activate the stretch in your hips is to evenly open up the feet into each other like they're stretching through the big toe mound, the heel, and the pinky toe mound And then, as if from the inner legs you're stretching out through the knees, like you're pressing the walls out with your knees And, let the spine continue to release upward Okay then, let's try that side bend in this position

Start with your hands at you side and then reach over to the right – With my hands – Yes And similar to when you're standing work on reaching through the hip down towards the floor and breathe space into your side body Come back up as you inhale and change sides

Put the left hand down and reach over And, let the hip stretch down toward the floor Breathe space through the sides of your ribs Then come back up Good, and just sit up tall for a moment there and let things balance out from that stretch

Okay, and then let's come into Upavistha Konasana That's where you sit with your legs wide apart So, take the legs wide apart And then, we're just gonna hang out here for a few breathes in this position Again, if it feels like strain to apply effort to sit up straight then you can sit with your back against the wall So, Lauren practices regularly before she stopped coming to my group class

She was practicing regularly in my group class, hour and half every day Yoga so her body is really open So, it's easier for her to sit up straight in these positions 'cause her body is used to it But, if you haven't been practicing much and you're looking for relief then again I would strongly recommend back against the wall, that would be good So, just a few more breaths in this position Connect to your breath

Feel the thigh bones descend as if there are weights on your thighs All right, and then we're gonna try a variation from this position where you bring one leg into Baddha Konasana position This is like a modified Janu Sirasana And then, put your hands where ever it feels comfortable And just let the feeling of the thighs continue to release so that the spine can release upward

And then, stretch that leg back out and change sides, bring the left heel in So, you can do this little movement as many times as feels comfortable for you to start to open up your hips You can hold on one side for 20 seconds switch, and keep going back and forth however many times feels comfortable We'll just do it one more time on the video today so stretch your left leg back out Bring the right leg in

And, one more time change sides All right, good Then, bring both legs together and let's do a little bit of cat cow So, really good for your spine to keep some movement and flexion and extension So, put your hands right underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips

And, as you inhale let your back go into a backbend, stretch your chest forward, and let the sit bones tip up And then, as you exhale round your back, to whatever degree you feels comfortable for you And then, just move with your breath three times As you inhale let the back go into a back bend And, as you exhale round your spine

And, see if as you start to slow down and lengthen the breath that it can help with the range of motion All right, as you finish that third round then stretch back into Child's Pose Stretch your hips back, let your head rest And, if the head doesn't come all the way down to the floor you can always put a block right underneath your head So, you might not have that flexibility yet or you've lost some flexibility, feel free

You could even put a pillow or a bolster underneath your head because that's a little softer than a block that would be nice, too And then, let's just go back and forth from hands and knees position to Child' Pose a few times, just moving with the breath to create a little movement for the hips So, yeah as you exhale stretch back to Child's, walk the hands forward And then, as you inhale come back up As you exhale stretch the hips back into Child's Pose

And, as you inhale come back up Okay, this last one we'll hold again Exhale stretch back into Child's Pose and just hold And, bring your attention especially here into your sacrum and your lower back Imagine that as you breath in you can let all of these joints start to feel more space, like you're widening across your lower back, your back bottom ribs

Breathe into that tension there so that it feels like there's more space with your breath Then, inhale come back up And, we're gonna do just a little seated meditation to finish off today So, let's sit with the legs crossed right at the middle of the shins All right, now again Lauren has been practicing quite a bit

She practices seated poses regularly So, she's able to sit pretty comfortably here just flat, but if it's a lot of tension for you to sit flat sit with a bolster or pillow, blocks underneath your butt and then sit with your back against the wall, that'll help So, we want the seat to be nice and comfortable, a comfortable seat And then, just rest your hands on your thighs, wherever feels comfortable, palms up or palms down And, we're just gonna practice a little bit of breathing meditation

So, as you sit tall and let the shoulders release back and down out of your ears visualize your lungs and where the bottom of your lungs are And, we're gonna allow the breath on the in breath to travel all the way down into the bottom of the lungs And then, slowly fill up into the middle lungs, top lungs, and we'll pause at the top up by the collar bones, let 'em spread And then, as you exhale let all the breath out And, let the breath come back in through your nose and fill from the bottom lungs all the way up to the top

And, let it out just as slow and steady as you let it come in Let's just practice five more rounds, smooth rhythmic breathing like this Allow the breath to come in slow Feel your nerves start to calm from the way that you're breathing And, let your breath go out just as slow

Four more times on your own Keep all your focus on your breath And then, as you notice the focus on the breath you'll notice as the breath starts to smooth and calm that the body will start to be more willing to release tension in the places where it feel gripped, as you calm the nerves and start to quiet the mind And then, just let the breath go back to normal and feel the sensation in your body Just notice the shift that comes at the end of your Yoga practice

Notice how the body feels Observe the quality of the breath And also, notice your current mental state Then, bring your palms together With your chest open lower your head towards your heart

Take a moment of gratitude Then, lift your head and open the eyes Thank you, Namaste All right, so thank you for watching today Make sure to hit the Like button

Leave a comment below, let me know how the practice went for you and subscribe to the channel Also, go and check out Ellen Fisher's YouTube page and her Instagram You're gonna find great tips for getting healthy in the New Year And also, if you're an animal lover then Vegan lifestyle, she's all about it And, you'll get to find out more about that and healthy recipes that you can do at home

So, I hope you'll check her out and I'll see you next time Thanks again for Lauren for coming out – Thank you, Tim – Cool All right guys, see ya


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