Promoting Prenatal Visits

In remote, rural communities of Africa and Southeast Asia, many people have lived their entire lives never having visited a doctor or healthcare professional With clinics and hospitals being so far from the village, the cost for transportation and fees for healthcare, were considered too great

As a result, mortality statistics were high especially for mothers, babies and children under five Through the EMBRACE project, ADRA Canada, in partnership with Global Affairs Canada, is bringing important health messages to women of reproductive age living in remote regions of Rwanda, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the Philippines EMBRACE is partnering with local health systems to make improvements in prenatal care A big emphasis of the program is to communicate the importance of prenatal visits to a doctor nurse or midwife If transportation costs are an issue, they are covered

With regular visits to the clinic women can be assessed and monitored for any potential problems with the pregnancy If complications are anticipated patients can be quickly referred to hospitals for specialized care, possibly saving the life of mother and baby Coming into the clinic also gives healthcare workers a chance to do further education, emphasizing the importance of a nutritious diet and healthy living during pregnancy Once they understand the importance of regular prenatal visits, women are making the trip to the clinic Wherever this practice has increased, mortality rates have steadily dropped

We invite you to join ADRA Canada and the Government of Canada in building awareness of this important work Visit heartformaternalhealthca today!


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