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A massage to relax your back To make the massage easier, use an oil specially formulated for pregnant woman rather than a classic crème Before starting the massage, the most important aspect is that the mother lies on her side with a nursing pillow or a large pillow between her knees, to completely relax the lower back

Okay? The back, is an area which can be very painful, massage along the spine We do not directly massage on the spine, but the paravertebral muscles all around The most important thing in massage, is to exert pressure upwards towards the heart and when we drop down, we release The first movement, it's a big movement using the whole hand on either side of the spine There are often contracted muscles in this area, see? We can push with the fingertips by making small circles on the paravertebral muscles

– that feels good – Yes What can be good is to use the thumbs and push the muscles on either side of the spine to release them completely – Like this? – Yes – It's really tight

– Yes We can work with one hand and then the other At the back, we can exert more pressure As there are knots in the muscles, you have to push down for it to slacken correctly We will go to this side

We go all around there Alternating the three techniques without worry Sometimes the mother has severe pain in the coccyx To ease this, we can hold the coccyx and make rotation movements Here, directly on the bone and you can make rotations like this to relieve and release the tailbone

– It doesn't hurt? – it's OK This massage can be given during labour to relieve the contractions Here I'll release the side a little and massage the muscular areas on your left side, of course, to really release everything, ok? I go from the sides and I massage like this, and return to the spine The baby tends to dig in the ribs – that feels good? – Yes

We do it on one side, then the other


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