Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga/Floor Work

[ Music ] >> For this practice, you will need a yoga blanket Those of you in your second trimester will require a block and a strap as well

Those of you in your third trimester will continue to use a chair Fold your blanket lengthwise and straddle your blanket in a wide stance Inhale Exhale Extend forward placing your hands either on the floor or on a block

For those of you following Poppy, simply stand up using the back of our chair to help balance Inhale, lengthen your spine Exhale, shift around to the right for lunge pose Keep your right knee directly over your ankle and your back leg straight Notice that Poppy does not lean forward and uses the back of her chair for support

If you have the flexibility, try to maintain a straight line from your toes to the top of your head Now, lower your left knee to the blanket Inhale, straighten up your torso and place both your hands on your right knee Poppy does not need to change position Inhale, raise your arms overhead

Interlace your fingers and turn your palms up to the ceiling Drop your tailbone down to help ensure that you don't overarch your back Exhale, release your hands and lower your arms Now, clasp your hands behind your back Breathe deeply, feel the widening of your chest

Inhale, straighten your front leg Place your hands on the floor in front of you and move the weight of your hips back over your left knee, which has now been in a 90-degree angle If you're following Poppy, hold on to the back of your chair with both hands for support as you lean forward Extend your spine forward to stretch the right hamstring If you're following Britta, use your block to help make this pose more comfortable

Inhale, bend your right knee, straighten your left leg and move slowly back into lunge pose Walking your hands along the floor, shift around to the other side Notice how Britta takes her block with her Poppy turns her chair around to face the opposite direction Exhale, bend your left knee and lower into lunge pose again

Breathe Keep your back leg firm Exhale, drop your right knee to the floor Inhale, place both hands on your left knee Exhale, feel the dignity of your posture

Poppy comes up to standing and everybody inhales Sweep your arms overhead, interlace your fingers, open your palms to the ceiling Lengthen your arms Exhale, release your arms and clasp them behind you opening your chest [ Music ] Breathe

Inhale Exhale Bring your hands down to the floor, straighten your left leg, shift your weight back over your right leg, stretch the left hamstrings If you're following Britta, support yourself with your block If you're following Poppy, sit on the edge of your chair and use both hands to hold on to the back of the chair to help support you in the stretch

Breathe easily and smoothly Inhale, release the left leg Moving to all-fours over your blanket Place your knees slightly wider than the blanket If you're following Poppy, stand up out of your chair and move to your folded blanket

[ Music ] With your arms straight out on the ground in front of you Shift back and fold down into modified child's pose In this position, the blanket will help serve as a cushion for your belly Inhale Exhale

Inhale, rise back up until all-fours for plank position With arms strong, straighten both legs Poppy keeps both knees on the ground and shifts forward into her arms Britta only straightens her right leg Drop down onto all-fours and move your weight back to stretch your arms

Inhale, rise up into plank pose again Britta lifts only her left leg this time If you're following Poppy, lean forward over your arms Exhale, drop your knees back to the ground or shift back on to all-fours again Then once more raise up into plank pose

Actively press into your arms and legs for support Drop your knees into all-fours again and shift back to rest For the final time, straighten your legs into plank pose Relax your belly while keeping your limbs active Be careful not to collapse your lower back

Finally, drop the knees into all-fours, lean back for a slight stretch, and then widen your knees around your blanket and sit back and fold down into child's pose Poppy only folds halfway down Relax your neck and shoulders Release your lower back Rise back up on to all-fours for table pose

Inhale, lengthen your right leg and hold it out flat behind you Keep your hips level The emphasis here is not on height but on extension Britta and Poppy cushion their bent knee on the blanket Exhale, lower the right leg down

Inhale, extend your left leg Press into your arms to keep your chest lifted Rotate your left thigh inward to help spread your sacrum Exhale, lower your left leg [ Music ] If you feel confident about your balance, you can now your lift right leg and your left arm at the same time

[ Music ] Poppy keeps both hands on the floor Breathe and extend Exhale, lower down Inhale, lift your left leg and right arm together Lengthen your fingertips and toes away from each other

Try not to arch your back Stay level Exhale, lower down [ Music ] Once more, widen your knees and fold down into child's pose again Stretch your arms out in front of you

[ Music ] Quiet your mind and feel the rhythm of your breath Come back up to all-fours and then shift your hips to the side to sit in the middle of your blanket Place your hands on the floor behind you and stretch your legs out in front of you Now, lean forward, clasping your ankles Britta and Poppy both place a strap around the balls of their feet

Britta widens her feet shoulder width Poppy spreads her legs out even wider Sit up straight and with straight arms, pull on the strap Press evenly through the balls of your feet and heels Keep your spine extended

This is a simple but powerful way to strengthen you entire back and create more space for your growing baby Press the backs of your knees down into the earth to stretch your legs Everyone sit up Britta and Poppy place the strap around their left foot only and hold both ends of the strap in their left hand Everyone draw their right foot back against your upper left thigh

Now, lean forward, grasping your left foot with both hands Lengthen the spine Keep the foot flexed Britta holds one end of the strap in either hand Poppy holds both ends of the strap with both her hands together

Inhale, come up, and change sides, drawing your left foot into your right inner thigh Britta and Poppy place the strap on the right foot Lean forward and grasp the right foot with both hands Inhale, breathe into your heart Exhale, spread your sit bones into the earth

Reach through the crown of your head Feel the meditated stillness of these forward bends Be fully in the present moment Breathe Inhale, and sit up again

Bend your left leg and place your foot flat on the floor at the edge of your blanket Poppy extends both legs wide out in front of her Place your right hand on the floor behind you And position your left elbow inside your left knee Poppy places her left hand on the floor between her legs for support

Twist gently to the right Inhale, lengthen out of our lower back Exhale, feel the twist Use your elbow and knee against each other to give you leverage to open your chest Inhale, come back to center

Lower your left leg and change sides Exhale, place your right elbow in the inside of our right knee, your left hand behind you Inhale, exhale, gently twist to the left Let your head follow the spiral of your spine Press through your extended leg for balance

Inhale, come back to center Lengthen your right leg and then draw both your feet back towards you Shift your hands forward for a moment to release your spine Now, place your hands on the floor behind you Inhale, draw your chin into your chest as you press your thighs down into the floor to open your hips

Inhale, exhale Feel your heart open Now use both hands to clasp your feet Draw your chin down and feel the back of your neck lengthen Keep your pelvis grounded as you tilt forward slightly

Remember, only go as far as it's comfortable Breathe Now, release your hands and straighten your legs out wide Place your hands on your knees for support Britta and Poppy place their hands on the floor

Flex your feet and press the backs of your knees into the floor Inhale Exhale, shift your torso forward slightly [ Music ] Inhale, come up to center Exhale, place your right elbow on the floor just inside your right knee or on the middle of your right thigh

Inhale, sweep your left arm up and diagonally overhead Exhale, rotate your chest towards the ceiling [ Music ] Inhale, come back to center Exhale, shift over to the other side Inhale, extend your right arm diagonally overhead

Keep your head in line with your spine Keep your hips stable and your breath smooth Inhale Exhale Inhale, come up to center and sit in the simple cross leg pose

Walk your arms straight out in front of you And bow forward with the straight spine for a moment [ Music ] Inhale, sit up straight And bring your hands together at your heart Breathe fully


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