Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga/Guided Relaxation

[ Music ] >> From simple cross-leg pose, move into a recline pose for deep relaxation If you're less than 4 months pregnant, it's safe to lie flat on your back

If you're more than 4 months pregnant, lie on your left side for optimal circulation for your growing baby Take time to make sure you're comfortable If you're lying on your back, place several blankets or a bolster under your back for support If you're using a body pillow between your knees like Britta, elevate your head slightly with a folded blanket Poppy is using a chair for gentle leg inversion; she also places a blanket beneath her upper leg, her head and her belly for soft support

Now that you are settled, I will guide you into a full body relaxation Inhale deeply; as you exhale, sigh, releasing any tension down into the earth As you inhale, bring your awareness to the crown of your head Exhale and feel a melting quality, streaming from the crown of your head, down through your face Continue to breathe, as you relax your forehead

Soften the backs of your eyes, jaw and sides of your tongue Inhale into the sides of your neck, exhale; release the muscles around the spine If you're lying on your back, you can also bring your legs into a wide diamond with your feet together to passively open your hips Inhale into your shoulders, exhale; feel the weight of your shoulders and any worries release Inhale into the center of your chest, your spiritual heart

Exhale, feel your heart bloom, as a lotus flower gently opening Inhale now into your arms and hands Exhale; relax your limbs and each finger with grace Inhale and bring your awareness to your lower back and sacrum As you exhale, feel your sacrum expand and relax

Inhale deeply into your legs; as you exhale, relax all the way out through your feet Imagine the soles of your feet are being oiled and massaged Relax even deeper with your breath Continue to relax here, enjoying the fruits of your yoga practice as long as you would like; inner and outer strength, flexibility, energy, clarity and tranquility May you enjoy a radiant pregnancy and motherhood

Namaste [ Music ]


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