Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga/Standing Poses

[ Music ] >> From a cross-legged position, slowly lean forward onto all-fours, shift your weight back, walk your hands in toward your knees While keeping your knees bent for support, come up to standing

Feet shoulder width apart, arms at your side Inhale, raise your arms overhead Interlace your hands, rotate your palms upward, and press towards the ceiling If you're following Poppy, lower your right arm and extend only the left Exhale, tilt to the right

Keep your feet firmly rooted Lengthen out from your lower back Inhale, come back to center Poppy switches arms Exhale, lean to the left

Inhale, come back to center Release your arms down to Namaste Step your feet wide apart for triangle pose Turn your right foot out and your left foot slightly in Inhale, lift your arms out to the sides

Exhale, bend from the waist and extend your torso to the right Place your hand for support on your shin or your ankle If you are in the second trimester, use a block Inhale, extend the spine Exhale, keep the left arm pointed straight up

If you are in your third trimester or have limited flexibility, use a chair Inhale As you exhale, extend the arm diagonally overhead, palm facing down Concentrate on rolling your chest up to the ceiling Inhale, sweep your top arm back over your head and come up to standing, arms horizontal

If you're using a block, move it to the other side and place it by your left foot or step around to the other side of your chair Inhale Exhale with arms extended, bend to the left into triangle pose Enjoy the open feelings through your chest like a bird spreading her wings To open your hips even more, move your left sit bone forward and right thigh back

Inhale Exhale, rotate your palm forward, and extend your right arm diagonally above your head Expand your chest so there's a lot of space for your baby Inhale, come up to standing, arms horizontal, then drop your arms and step your feet shoulder width apart for mountain pose Inhale

Extend your arms out and take a wide stance again for side angle pose Those of you who require the greatest degree of modification can sit down in your chair Inhale Exhale, bend your right leg until your knee is directly above your ankle Inhale

Exhale, bend at the waist to the right, placing your right elbow on your knee for support Extend your left arm up straight Exhale, extend your left arm diagonally overhead Draw your right hip under and press your back leg straight Feel the stretch all the way from your foot to your fingertips

Keep your breaths smooth and deep Inhale, come up to standing Hold your arms out horizontal and swivel your feet to the left side Exhale Inhale

Exhale, bend your left knee down to a right angle Place your elbow on your thigh Inhale, open your chest Exhale, drop your right arm down and lengthen it over your head Your palm faces down

Practicing yoga is very much like giving birth and being a mother, and that engages all of your awareness in the present moment Exhale completely Inhale and come up to standing Step back to center for expansive forward bend If you're following Britta, gather your block again and place it in front of you

If you're following Poppy, face the front of your chair Step your feet shoulder width apart and bring your hands to your hips Inhale Exhale, bend from your hips and place your hands on the floor Keep your arms straight and your back flat

Never force Keep the pose comfortable with a chair or a block Inhale and lengthen your spine As you exhale, firm your legs and press your feet into the floor Now, rotate your right arm up and lengthen it overhead

Try to keep your navel facing down to ensure that you're twisting only through your upper back Inhale Exhale, rotate your right arm down and sweep your left arm up Keep your knees firm and your arm stretching wide Lengthen your spine

Gentle twists like these could help relief tightness in the upper back Exhale, lower your left arm back down and place your hands on the floor, your block, or your chair Inhale, slowly come up to standing Exhale, step your feet back to center Move to the left side of your chair for dancer's pose

Begin in mountain pose with your left hand on the back of the chair Lift your right ankle behind you and clasp it in your right hand Stretch your quadriceps by gently leaning forward and pressing your foot away from you Inhale, keep lifting from your lower back Exhale

Inhale Exhale, lower your foot to the ground and walk around to the other side of your chair With your right hand on the back of the chair, lift your left foot into your hand and stretch your thigh by pressing back As in all yoga poses, keep your breath fluid within the stillness of the pose Work isometrically in all the poses by grounding and lifting at the same time

Exhale, release your foot to the floor Turn to the right to face the side of your chair If you're following Poppy, sit down Inhale, position your right foot on the seat of the chair Place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand on your hip

As you exhale, twist your upper back to the right Try to keep your hips facing straight ahead Inhale If you're following Poppy, grasp the back of your chair with your right arm to assist you with the twist Exhale

Inhale, drop your arms and turn to the front Point your left foot forward Place your right elbow in your right knee Palm vertical and extend your left arm overhead for side angle stretch Exhale, open your chest

Feel the stretch in your hips, your chest, and your side waist Inhale, come back to standing Turn towards your chair and straighten your right leg Bend forward at the hips, and with your arms extended, reach out towards your foot for hamstring stretch Keep your spine straight

If possible, try to deepen the stretch If you need to, hold the top of your chair for balance, or if you're following Poppy, use both hands to hold on to the back of the chair for support as you lean forward into your straight right leg Inhale Exhale, come back up to standing and move around to the other side of your chair Inhale, step your left foot on top of the chair

Place your right hand on your left knee, your left hand on your hip Inhale Exhale, gently twist to the left Keep circulating your breath Inhale, lift, lengthen your spine

Exhale, ground your feet to the floor Inhale, open your hips and shift around to the front, right foot pointing forward Inhale, lift the right arm straight up overhead Exhale, turn the palm to face the left and lower the right arm diagonally overhead Breathe rhythmically and imagine that your baby is enjoying this yoga session as well, receiving more oxygen through your breathing and discovering more space to move and grow through your stretching

Inhale, lower your arm and turn to face your chair Straighten your left leg, bend forward at the hips for hamstring stretch Reach out with your arms Only go down as far as it feels good Modify your pose if you need to

Inhale Exhale Concentrating on your breathing will help you to stay connected to what's happening in your body Inhale, lower your leg to the ground and come up to standing If you were seated, stand up

Walk your feet back to give yourself enough room to bend down and place your hands on the edge of the chair With straight legs, stretch back through your hips for a modified downward facing dog pose If you're following Poppy, keep your knees slightly bent for support Spread your shoulders and stretch back through your arms Relax your neck and face

Keep your legs rooted into the floor Inhale, slowly kneel straight down on the floor and place your bent elbows on the edge of your chair Interlace your fingers, and as you exhale, drop your head down between your upper arms Don't let your head drop below this level Stretch back through your hips, and breathe into your shoulders to help relieve any tightness

Inhale Exhale Inhale, raise your head and come back up to downward dog with your hands on the edge of the chair Then walk your feet in and come up to standing Sit down on the edge of your chair with your knees spread apart

Lean to the right and place your right elbow on your thigh for side angle stretch again Inhale, raise your arm overhead and stretch dynamically out of your hip Your right palm is flat and vertical Exhale, open your chest Inhale, sweep your arm back down and come back to center

Lean to the other side Reach your right arm up and extend diagonally overhead Remember that you may feel more open than usual in your joints and ligaments due to hormonal changes Open your hips with awareness in preparation for birth Inhale, lower your arm and sit up straight again

Position your feet hips distance apart Place your right foot on your left thigh and your hands on your knee and foot Inhale Exhale, bend forward as far as it's comfortable Keep your back as flat as possible

If you're following Poppy, note that you don't need to bend very far forward to effectively open your hip joint Notice how Britta doesn't try to force the pose Inhale, come up Exhale, change legs Inhale, sit up straight

Exhale, bend as far forward as your new baby will comfortable allow Inhale Exhale Enjoy the ebb and flow of your breathing Hip opening poses like this could also help release tightness around your sacrum and in your lower back

Inhale, sit up straight again and release your leg down Exhale, place your hands on your thighs and slowly come up to standing Bring your hands to Namaste for mountain pose


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