Should Teenagers have curfews – Advice for parenting Teenagers

do your teenagers have a curfew Oh our stop they never have never that make us bad parents maybe quite possibly curfews there are three ways three questions that you can ask so that your kids will never have a curfew again I have a feeling some teenagers but watch this video we're very teaming with another video and family purpose and we're here to talk to you parents about possibly scratching their curfew for your teenager I don't know it sounds pretty risky to me but it is risky and that's a big risk thinking is good there's three questions that my husband has always asked our kids and here comes Sammy when they want to do something outside of our home when we're not the cool home not the cool family you're not the cool house or even if you are your kids are gonna go somewhere else occasion so they were invited so we want to say yes but there's three questions that they have to ask every time number one without question or the parents going to be home the parents are gonna be home the answer is not zero no they know better than to even pass almost always think oh the parents are gonna be on better than answer the questions what's the second question who's all planning to be there this is important because we want to know who our kids are hanging out with true when they're not in our house we can't control that as much so we are sure to ask them this question when they're going to be doing something with other families or friends which also means who's driving now that goes with that with number two it's not just whose house are you going to but how are you getting there and if you're not driving in someone else's we want to know who that is how long have they been driving are they why it's like some kids we know he's terrible driver but I still want to go mom what do you think well that's when we ask questions like how old are they Holloman they have their license haven't had any tickets you ask more specific questions out three number three what is the plan / what activities are you going to be doing that's important to know because depending on where they're going that may determine how late they can stay up if they're going to a 10 o'clock movie obviously they can't be home at 11:00 for curfew curfew is meant there so often we do perfume because it's like gonna be home at 11 nothing good happens after 11 whole again in trouble what if a bunch of kids are from church or something or from the glee club oh that's not true because we've all seen Glee but then from the church or whatever and they're all going out to a movie at 10 o'clock they're not gonna be home till 12:00 12:30 if they leave immediately from the movie home you're not gonna have him leave early to come home that's why we always said there's no curfew but if you're just going out and screwing around and playing video games and doing whatever and your start at 6:00 in the evening there's no reason to be out until 1:00 in the morning that's when trouble can happen you got to have the plan we want to know where they're gonna be and thanks to the beauty of the iPhone and find your phone we actually can check on what they're doing does that mean we don't trust our kids of course not but we can see what happens in what has happened in the past especially when they start first started driving her son he would say he's gonna go somewhere and tell us where he's going but then they made a change even in a church function they made a change they went to a different restaurant and we looked and went what's the deal so it was a quick Texas oh I forgot to tell you where McDonald's instead not acceptable good that's not acceptable you can't do that we want to know the plan you keep telling us the plan we'll keep saying yes and you don't even have a perfect that's awesome because it gives them freedom to have fun and us freedom as parents to know what's going on and speak truth into our kids is life and they can begin to grow their trust and grow their level of responsibility and grow their curfew out to where it really just doesn't matter so these three questions have impacted our kids to not have perfume in their life maybe it will yours but if it works for you try or or begin to adjust it and I just say you got to be home by 11:00 cuz let me tell you what there is an enormous amount trust me because I did it an enormous amount of bad things that you can do between 8:00 pm

and 12:00 that's true so curfew or not you have thinking good for your family just make a wise decision three great questions try with your family and if you liked this video like it give us a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and share this if you think somebody on here comment if you think we're crazy or comment with hey I like your idea what about this or comment with some great things that your kids have done late at night and not that I'm in trouble we'd love to help family online in fact our kids are like doggies – not my house do your kids have a curfew did Madison shut up I'm talking you can't talk for work because you can recut that so you'd go sorry from a place like that and then they go number three number three let there be this short pause it's a pause and then number three


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