Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair Recall

Skip Hop has issued a voluntary recall of their TUO convertible high chairs after reports of legs detaching were reported by a small number of parents. If a leg (or legs) were to detach, the chair could pose as a fall risk.

Families who purchased the chairs are urged to stop using them immediately and can contact Skip Hop for an e-gift card, or a refund.


How to Find the Date Code

To determine if your chair is part of the recall, you’ll need to locate the date code. The date code is located on the back of the chair, on the warning label.

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair Recall - warning label

Skip Hop TUO Convertible High Chair Recall – Affected Chairs

Charcoal Grey (style #304200)

Silver/White Clouds (style #304201)

The affected chairs have the following date codes, and were purchased between December 2016 and September 2018 in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Mexico:

  • HH102016
  • HH11/2016
  • HH3/2017
  • HH4/2017
  • HH5/2017
  • HH6/2017
  • HH7/2017
  • HH8/2017
  • HH9/2017
  • HH092917
  • HH010518
  • HH030518
  • HH05182018
  • HH092717
  • HH05312018

How to Get a Refund or E-Gift Card

There is a very specific process involved with getting a refund, so make sure you follow the steps on the Skip Hop site. In a nutshell, you’ll need to go ham on your seat with a pair of scissors, document it, and submit the evidence on this form.

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