Sleep and Exercise During Pregnancy

A lot of women ask can I continue my exercise can I start exercising because I want to look good after the pregnancy you see a woman here lifting her weights what are your thoughts there doctor? I think exercise is a must during pregnancy I'm big into exercising I I believe that women should I mean it's not the time to workout for triathlon or anything like that but if you were an athletic person and you were doing an extensive exercise you could probably get into a bigger routine but if you are not it's important that you walk that you swim especially in South Florida we have so many swimming pools that nobody goes into them this is ideal during your pregnancy because your belly is very easy to carry weight when you're on the water so it makes it happy for you you're in a happy time during pregnancy so exercise is ideal during pregnancy I know there's someone out there saying ask about sleep and how much should I get and also prenatal vitamins so let's tackle those two real quick sleep how much and prenatal vitamins? Well you should get as much sleep as possible since you won't get known once the baby is born I think it's important everyone should get at least 7 hours of sleep every day so pregnant patients should definitely do the same and as far as prenatal vitamins it's a must take your prenatal vitamins because those contains the folic acid and all those nutrients that you really need during the pregnancy


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