Pregnancy can occasionally be troubled by insomnia or sleeplessness.  The three most common causes are:

  • Snoring, secondary to nasal congestion
  • Restless Legs, usually associated with iron deficiency and anemia, and
  • General discomfort

Add anxiety and nervousness about having a child and it is not uncommon to have a sleepless night now and then.

If you are having insomnia, first you need to try and identify the cause.  If you have nasal congestion and you are snoring try wearing some nasal strips before you go to bed.  Also, if you wear support hose during the day you will prevent fluid accumulation in your legs.  When you lay flat at night, the fluid in your legs, comes back into your blood vascular system and swells your nasal passage way.  If there is less fluid in your legs, because of the support hose, there will be less nasal congestion.  So consider support hose, especially if you snore during sleep

For general discomfort, properly placed pillows can be a miracle.  Sleep on either your left or right side, although the left is preferred.  Do not sleep on your back during pregnancy.  This impairs blood flow to both you and the baby when the baby’s body starts to compress the major blood vessels along your spine.  Sleeping on either side is more comfortable and better for blood flow.  Sleep with a pillow between your knees for additional comfort. Make sure your head is resting at a proper height on your pillow.  You may need more than one.  Elevating your head a couple extra inches can help decongest nasal passageways and make breathing easier.  If you are feeling anxious over all the implications of having a baby and child to care for and nourish, talk to your partner or husband and family and friends.


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