Stages of Labor : Basic Stages of Labor

Today I'm going to talk about the stages of labor Labor is split up into three stages, and there is a first stage labor

In first stage labor that is then subdivided into three different categories There's early first stage labor, active first stage labor, and transition This is what I'm going to be covering in this segment But just so you know, second stage labor is when you actually push the baby out, and third stage labor is the delivery of the placenta For each of these stages here, I'm going to talk about how you know that you're in that stage

I'm also going to talk about the time frame That means how long each stage might last, how long your contractions might be, and how far apart they are I'm going to talk about the dilation and effacement of your cervix, also, emotional signs That's the best way your partner can know what stage you're in is how emotional you are And also what you and your partner can do to try to make these stages as easy as possible

So, you're going to learn all about the stages of labor, and focusing on first stage labor


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