Study Prenatal Vitamins May Reduce Autism Risk 40 Percent

Study prenatal vitamins may reduce autism risk 40% a new study published in the journal epidemiology found that women who take prenatal vitamins have three months before conception and in the first month of pregnancy may have reduced the risk of their child developing autism by 40% autism is the spectrum of developmental disorders that affects an estimated 15 million Americans or one out of every 250 births the study found that women with gene variants that affect Al they metabolize the late are more than seven times more likely to have an autistic child if they do not take prenatal vitamins that the limiter hydro flayed reductase NT eight afar is one such gene variant and it is detected with a simple blood test all prenatal vitamins contain the bee vitamin Phil eight or its synthetic form Folic acid taking prenatal vitamin supplements even before conception is a concrete step concerned parents can take Dr

Irma Herz Bischel go the studies to senior offer told the New York Times the march of dimes already recommends women take prenatal vitamins including at least 400 µg of Folic acid before conception to prevent neural tube defects including Spina bifida in addition to taking supplements the organization recommends these foods that are naturally high infill eight fortified breakfast cereals look on the label to see if the serial has been fortified with Folic acid Lendl's asparagus spinach black beans peanuts only if you do not have a peanut allergy orange juice from concentrate is best enriched breads and pasta the main lettuce have broadly looking for more here are more ways to feed your baby's brain during pregnancy for more information on the importance of family and Folic acid have have have to have


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