Support parents as a postnatal practitioner

I work for NCT as a postnatal leader and I've been doing that for about 6 years I love my job

I love working with people when they've just had babies and they are trying to cope with everything that has changed in their lives and get head around this huge life transition that we go through and to be a part of that I think is very special To help and support people and to sort of go with them whilst they're going this change Looking after people, making people cups of tea and saying, 'It will be better' It's just very rewarding, I think, to be with people that at time in their lives I think I was always more attracted to the postnatal because you're dealing with the reality rather than the expectations

I had found it quite tough when I had my babies and perhaps a bit of me wanted to be with other people going through the same thing It's almost as though we're holding them and mopping up and containing everything that they've been through And I just think it's really interesting All the infant development stuff and all that I've learned I love that


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