Técnicas de estimulación prenatal

Prenatal stimulation techniques Every pregnant woman has spent many minutes of her pregnancy days caressing her bulging abdomen, trying to decipher if she is touching her baby's foot, elbow or knee That is the first and most intuitive prenatal stimulation technique that every woman does

There is no scientific evidence to indicate that prenatal stimulation techniques affect the intelligence or learning capacity of the developing baby However, the truth is that these are exercises that can be very pleasing for the mother and open ways to strengthen the bond with her son How to do prenatal stimulation ? There are exercises for each stage of your baby's growth To follow any of these techniques, the most important thing is not to become obsessed

Along with the moments of stimulation, there must also be moments of tranquility The fetus inside the uterus also sleeps, and as we do not know when it does, because it is basically a dark environment, it is better not to abuse with excessive stimulation See also: 8 tips for a healthy pregnancy Visual stimulation techniques It is known that, from the sixth month, the fetus reacts by opening and closing the eyes to the luminous stimuli that arrive through the abdomen, so you can start these exercises from the fourth month

Discover your belly in sunlight for 20 seconds and then cover it for 20 seconds With a small torch, light your belly and move it slowly from top to bottom or from one side to the other Tactile stimulation techniques Pressing the abdomen generates vibrations that are transmitted through the amniotic fluid and your baby feels them through his skin These exercises can be done after the tenth week of gestation If there has been previous abdominal pain, spontaneous abortion or premature labor, it is better to refrain from doing these exercises

Press the area of ​​the abdomen or give a very soft blow when you feel the movement of the baby When showering, drop water with different intensity on your belly Gently massage your belly or ask your partner to do it Auditory stimulation techniques The baby hears many sounds inside the uterus: the beating of your heart, digestion or breathing

In addition, you can also perceive what comes from outside, your voice and dad's, even when the amniotic fluid dampens the intensity Even so it is important to avoid arguments during pregnancy, because your baby feels what happens These exercises can be started from the fourth month of pregnancy Select a piece of music, preferably instrumental, and listen to it relatively often Speak with a strong and slow voice, and make your partner get involved too

Sing a lullaby, which you will then resume to sleep once it is born Motor stimulation techniques Being in soft but rhythmic movement helps both the mother and the baby It relaxes you and helps you stay in shape throughout pregnancy For the baby, it is a different way of perceiving the outside world

These prenatal stimulation exercises can begin after the fifth month of pregnancy If you are going to do them before, you must have the consent of your doctor, because if you have had a threat of spontaneous abortion you should take care of yourself Dance gently, alone or with your partner Nothing or walk regularly Practice yoga or prenatal pilates

Read also: Most common medications in pregnancy Technique of mental stimulation Focusing on what each centimeter of the body feels helps to release stress and tension Body scanning is a simple technique, although it takes some time to master You can do it at any time and anywhere

Lying down or sitting, according to what is easiest according to the volume of your abdomen Start with what you feel in the toes of one foot, and more concentrating your breathing and your attention on that feeling Thus, it travels foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh and hip Go to the other foot After returning to the pelvis, continue with back, belly, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head

Become aware of each sensation If you feel your mind wander a lot, become aware of it and refocus on your breathing It takes time to keep the focus on your body, but once you achieve it, you will enjoy more of the process that your body experiences during pregnancy and of your baby inside you Last considerations Your baby has developed her senses in the third month, so these exercises are ideal for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, when the initial discomforts have already passed

With that you dedicate a couple of weekly sessions to do any of these exercises is fine Important: do not obsess Enjoy the opportunity to connect with your baby If your partner can get involved much better If not, you can also participate another family member who will support you with the delivery and care of the newborn

And, of course, if you have doubts, do not forget to consult with the doctor that follows your pregnancy


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