The Dropped Stitch Spoken Word Poetry Short Film in HD

The dropped stitch Do you know what it means to be desolated? To be so lost in your thoughts dreams although finding no rope or thread or path? To be entangled in beautiful lace

Every piece carefully created with compassion, hope and care Such beauty, perfection and grace Do you know what it means to be desolated? When you are the dropped stitch The lost notch The split yarn

Amongst such beauty, perfection and grace When you are the outlier The anomaly The part of the garment that needs to be unravelled only to start again The knitting tension too tight

The pattern too small to see a through human eye Do you know what it means to be desolated? Late night stitching fabric together in the dark Relying on guesstimation on where the needle should puncture Seeking guidance upon guidance Pattern after pattern

You just can't get it right Eventually, putting those needles down to abandon this project no one can relate among such beauty, perfection and grace entangled amongst the most intricate, perfectional lace In search to provide compassion, hope and care dreaming of creating the perfect garment

Where the tension will be just right hope pick up the needles and knits a few more rounds Then, another stitch is dropped Hope is lost This is what it means to be desolated

Emily! No! Emily! God no No Emily, please No, oh God no Please dont Please God! No

Please don't Please don't go


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