The Importance of Prenatal Care for Your Family

Being pregnant can be one of the most joyous experiences in your life It is also time when you need support and good care

Studies show that women who feel supported by their partners and family are less likely to have anxiety or depression during pregnancy Babies also have better outcomes when their mothers have a good social network Your prenatal care plan starts when you are trying to become pregnant and having good care from the start is very important for you and your baby How do you get started? My patients find that going to all prenatal appointments and lab tests helps assure them that the baby is growing well and that everything is on track Go to prenatal appointments and classes with your partner, watch videos or read parenting material together

Did you know that your developing baby can recognize different voices? So go ahead and have family members talk to the baby Don't forget to take care of yourself, eat well-balanced meals, be physically active, and drink plenty of water Limit caffeine and if you smoke, drink, or use drugs stop now Talk with your partner, by supporting each other, you can make this one of the most rewarding times of your life We have online tools, articles, videos, and photo stories to help you


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