#ThisIsTheGOSPEL: Post-Partum Depression Led Me To Christ

My name is Claire and I'm a good mom That's a hard thing for me to say

Most days I struggle to remind myself of that This time last year I was in bed in a basement with feeding tubes and IVs and my husband had just quit school so that he could take care of me full-time Even with all of that I tried to just continue to have faith that everything would work out That my unborn child would be healthy That I would be able to function for my husband and for my baby

Then the day arrived when I gave birth to her and it was one of the most beautiful days that I can remember I thought "Wow you know I have won the good fight, I have fought my hardest and here's the blessings" I thought that they were just going to come pouring Then two months later I wound up in the ER, fighting for my life because I had such strong urges that I needed to end it That life wasn't worth living that I was a horrible mom

That everyone was better off without me From there I was taken from my family My husband & my baby girl to go spend a couple of weeks up in a psychiatric facility where I learned a lot I learned a lot about myself and I learned a lot about my testimony because I felt utterly alone when I was taken from them and spent that time away from them I was reminded that I'm not

I am now on the up and up I'm progressing and I can't say I'm completely whole yet, but I know that because of the sacrifices of Christ and because of the love of my Heavenly Father I will get there and that's enough for me So even when I'm not enough, I know that Christ's love for me is And thats the Gospel to me


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