Treatment for Postpartum Depression

– Post partum depression is easily treatable once you actually ask for help It is important to call your doctor for help because you cannot treat this by yourself

You should call your doctor immediately, especially if you're having thoughts of hurting your baby or yourself The treatments for post partum depression include a combination of psycho therapy as well as pharmacotherapy Counseling is the number one step, spending time talking to somebody and enlisting the support of your loved ones to get help, allowing for time away from the baby, getting a chance to rest and encouraging behavioral changes that would improve your symptoms This includes a healthy lifestyle, exercise, a decrease in caffeine and alcohol, maybe joining a support group and talking to other mothers Also setting a realistic expectation for yourself and removing the pressure of being the perfect parent

Ultimately though, patients will need some type of pharmacotherapy, be open to this, it's safe to take while you're breastfeeding and it works, it really works And it's important to get help cause if you take care of yourself, you'll be able to take care of your baby – The ways that maybe we could prevent or treat post partum when it occurs would be better pre-natal mental health care As we know, pre-natal care is extremely important, women are constantly being checked by their OBs, their being tested for gestational diabetes, maybe one in 30 women get it, however, one in seven women will develop post partum mental or mood disorder So I think better pre-natal mental health care would be wonderful

The treatment for post partum depression will include, most likely, medication and a combination of therapy Some women will benefit from something called CBT, which is cognitive behavioral therapy, and some with more of just a talk type of therapy It's also important to get any partner involved in the therapy and educate them about what's going on so they can also be an important support at home as well (soft music)


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