TriCare Prenatal DHA One Testimonial

Hi I'm Courtney Simpson from Louisiana I work in an independent pharmacy When I found out that I was pregnant I went to my doctor She gave me a bunch of different samples of prenatal vitamins When I went to work the next day I spoke with the pharmacist We decided on Tricare Prenatal DHA ONE It had the best vitamin profile Of all of the ones we looked at It was small and easy to swallow It doesn't have the nasty, fishy aftertaste Especially for the level of DHA it had in it It's been great for me I'm eight months on now and It has been great the entire time You know, other than the morning sickness and keeping stuff down But, other than that It has just been wonderful It, you know, It's keeping me healthy It's keeping the baby healthy Everything's going great If you're thinking about getting pregnant Or are pregnant I highly recommend this vitamin


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