Wall Street to postpartum depression: a mother’s recovery

– What I see often, especially in my work with corporations, is many women don't make the ask for what they need and what happens is they leave (soft music) I started my career at a big bank in sales and trading

I was a star and I was just crushing the corporate ladder I was able to do this really well up until the time that I became pregnant and about a year after delivery, I realized something was up I was too skinny, wasn't sleeping I also had a very flat affect and that was so unlike me I went to a doctor, an OB/GYN

First she was like, you know, you should be in therapy You have a lot going on Your career has been massively disrupted You know, you should probably work that out I said check, doing that, and then the second suggestion she had was to go on medication

At first I was like whoa, I don't want to do that Like, I've never been on antidepressants before I don't know what that means Does that mean that I'm a bad mom, that I need drugs, and all of these things I had all of these perceptions of what that was and frankly, like, none of them were accurate and none of them are true

So it was at that point that I started just hearing stories and listening to other women all across the United States and getting their perspective, and these were high-achieving, over-educated, over-qualified women and they were going through the same experience that I was At this point I realized that something more needed to be done and really kind of the drive inside is to make sure to the best that I can that no woman goes through what I experienced in my transition to become a mom (soft music)


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