What is Prenatal Care? | UW Health Centering Pregnancy Program

>> We are so excited to be able to offer Centering Pregnancy It is a new model for providing prenatal care for women in groups

So women are clustered by the time when they're due to deliver So you're kind of going through pregnancy with a group of women that are due around the same time that you are So being in a group of women where you can share concerns, talk about issues that come up throughout pregnancy, learn about health, learn about self-care, and have that kind of social support is really exciting The beginning of the visit always start with a one-on-one visit with your provider So there's a team of two providers usually that are working with every group

So you'll have your same team of providers throughout your pregnancy But the beginning of the visit starts with an individual assessment So you still have your blood pressure checked And we listen to the baby's heartbeat and do all the things that we do during normal, you know, one-on-one prenatal care But at the end of that time there's also a time for women to socialize

There's a snack that's provided, and then there's, you know, time for the group to interact Centering Pregnancy has been around for some time But it's really just in the past couple of years that the data about the group prenatal care and the social support that you get in centering, that data has really come out And what we found is that not only is there really high provider satisfaction and high patient satisfaction, but people tend to initiate prenatal care a little bit earlier They tend to be more likely to come to the visits because they enjoy, you know, sort of the camaraderie of the other women in the group

And there's a lot of health outcome data that we see now Women are more likely to initiate and sustain breastfeeding There's a lower likelihood that women will have a preterm delivery or have a baby with low birth weight And some of the health outcomes are actually better because of that


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