What is the Best Prenatal Vitamin?

What is the best prenatal vitamin? Whatever nourishes you and your baby best If I knew, I wouldn’t ask! Women need more folic acid and iron during pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins have more of these compounds than generic multivitamins I’ve heard of premium prenatal vitamins like Pre-Nate Elite What does that have that generic prenatal vitamins don’t? Generic pre-natal vitamins don’t have omega-3 fatty acids and DHA These compounds are linked to improved brain function I’ve been overwhelmed with all the conflicting dietary advice

Eat this, but not too much, this but not that Many pregnant women need more calcium and vitamin D This is especially true when they start nursing I’m not there yet But I don’t know how I’ll handle a newborn, when I’m so tired already

Pregnant women often need extra iron supplements when they suffer anemia during pregnancy and have a meat aversion Exhaustion is a sign of anemia What if I’m not pregnant yet? This could just be a stomach bug Women who want to get pregnant should start taking prenatal vitamins before they get pregnant If you wait until you know you are pregnant, you may have missed the first 30 days where lack of folic acid causes birth defects

I wonder if the prenatal vitamins I picked up off the shelf could be making me sick Which, in turn, leaves me exhausted Prenatal vitamins can cause nausea, especially if they contain iron You just said prenatal vitamins contain extra iron Liquid vitamins are an option for those who throw up pills, or Vitafusion prenatal gummies

Or you get stuck with an iron shot Literally Talk to your doctor about what prenatal vitamins to take Neither you nor the baby are helped when a cure for malnutrition makes you more miserable than you already are


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