What is the importance of prenatal care?

So prenatal care consists of maternal and fetal health starting from preconception (before pregnancy) through postpartum care At least, three to six months ahead because we want her to start taking prenatal vitamins, and see if there are any other problems in her family

Then we can get all the medical conditions up to date and get her ready for having a baby We test for any high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, um and to give also there is genetic testing available So we can test them for any recessive carriers in her, and if she is positive then we can test her spouse so we'll know ahead if they have any genetic problems he first visit, you know we'll teach them everything like what to eat, what not to eat, what drugs they can take, what medications, what chemicals they should avoid and what to anticipate going further All about the pregnancy, how frequent visits they come for From the first to the last visit you will see your ADC physicians, that is very good continuation of care

We normally advise them, that if they were exercising before they can continue to do so Swimming, walking, running, yoga, prenatal yoga is very good, but if they are not , they are sedentary, I would advise them to start walking at least 10-15 minutes every day and slowly go up to like half an hour Main restriction is on fish, salt-water fish, which has mercury, so they should avoid that And um dairy, milk and milk products all have to be pasteurized Quit smoking and alcohol if they use it, that kind of thing

Earlier they come in the better The earlier they come for preconception and then so they know a little more, like what to expect what to start, what to stop But it's okay if if they are pregnant, they can come in as early as possible


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