What Vitamins Are Safe During Pregnancy by Dr. Daniel Farkas

Hello this is Doctor Daniel Farkas I'm here to talk to you today about pregnancy and vitamin supplements During pregnancy the body needs many substances that it must share with the developing fetus Some safe supplements that are absolutely vital for proper development of the baby aside from the classic ones commonly known these ones may not be commonly known

Vitamin d3 it's recommended at the mother receive somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 international units of vitamin D per day Omega-3 acids it's also recommended that the mother received a daily dose omega-3 fatty acids Probiotics it is also recommended that the mother receive a twice-weekly probiotic in order to keep the gut healthy which is where the immune system actually lives A whole food vitamin it is recommended that a mother to be take a quality whole food vitamin or she can juice or blend in a blender a couple stalks of organic clean washed kale These substances will help to ensure healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery If you have questions contact us at wwwbacktohealthtroy

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