Where Can I Find Affordable Pregnancy Clothes?

Pregnancy is a time of many changes for a woman’s body and finding comfortable clothing to accommodate the physical changes can be challenging, especially on a budget. Many women think of the maternity fashion of generations past, where big buttons and even bigger bows were the standard decorations. However, if you’re expecting a baby, you can find fashionable maternity clothing without breaking the baby bank.

Buy Off-Season

Even though you might just be a few weeks along, invest in a few items from this season that will carry you into the next one when you really will need that extra room. Just like with standard clothing, end of the season sales can save you a lot of extra money. You can find exclusively maternity-wear stores, but don’t forget to look for maternity sections in popular places such as:

Invest in the Basics

Instead of worrying about buying an entirely new wardrobe, consider the basics that you can buy and then build from with items already in your wardrobe. A few pairs of pants and skirts with elastic maternity waists can be paired with a simple maternity t-shirt and a colorful scarf you already own. If you need winter wear, you can often get by with wearing a simple maternity shirt and layering it with a sweater you already own (but just won’t be buttoning this season).

Buy Second-Hand

Consignment shops, thrift stores, and gently used items online can save you huge dollar amounts on maternity clothing. If you can find basic items like pants and plain shirts second-hand, then you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on a nice maternity dress. Second-hand clothing not only saves you money, but it helps to reduce waste. Because women only need to wear the maternity clothing for a few months, it is easier to find very gently used clothing that hardly looks like it was worn at all. When buying used maternity clothing, make sure you:

  • Check the buttons, snaps, and other closures – these can be easily replaced but you need to decide if it is worth the effort.
  • Check the stress points on the garments – the inseams, underarms, and the belly (women sometimes have a harder time adjusting to their growing mid-section and can tend to stain this area more easily).
  • Consider how you can use what you already have in your wardrobe. Items like scarves, necklaces, jackets you don’t have to button, and other accessories can help your overall look be clean and sophisticated without spending a fortune.
  • Read reviews when buying used clothing online. It is harder to check those stress points on the garments and see where light staining might be hiding. Thoroughly read reviews from other shoppers, don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures, and verify the return policy.

Spend a Few Dollars More

When it comes to maternity wear there are a few places that might require that you buy new (and sometimes spend a little more). Comfortable undergarments, swimsuits, and if needed, a winter coat, will get enough use to make their investment worthwhile. For those seasonal items don’t be afraid to buy early if the price is right (just don’t buy too small). Other things like quality shoes are going to be vital to your daily comfort.


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