Who Writes the Top Mom Blogs?

In the 21st Century moms come in all forms and fashion, and there is probably a blog for each type. Stay-at-home moms, working outside the home moms, moms of multiples, and more find and share their voices through blogging. Some have taken on commercial formats with formal publication schedules, and others are compiled of random postings published between diaper changes and loads of laundry. No matter what type of mom you consider yourself to be, there is likely to be a blog that inspires you, encourages you, empowers you, or just makes you laugh.

1. Dooce

If you’re really looking for one of the top mommy blogs, then you’ll have to spend at least a few minutes reading through dooce.com, where professional blogger and mom of 2 Heather Armstrong gets real with her readers. Her own personal story is a full journey, and she has turned that journey into her career blogging about life as a work-at-home mom who has experienced everything from losing her job to postpartum depression. You will find guest posts by other moms, tips for shopping on a budget, and everyday stories that you can relate to about the chaos of children, pets, and work under one roof.

2. Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Moms all over rave about Thrift Nifty Mommy and the resources it offers to readers who are looking to stretch a dollar or make the most of their purchases. There are giveaways, freebies, recipes, how-to advice posts, and more. Janessa, the creator of the blog has teamed up with ten other blog sites so that the cumulative result is basically ten times the resources waiting for thrifty mommies.

3. Catharsis

Written by Joy Page Manuel, this mommy blog takes women on the journey from infertility through surviving motherhood. Joy covers topics such as IVF, social musings of parenthood, motivation for mommies, and thrifty shopping. Even though Joy has earned several mommy blogging awards, her site is still not as commercialized as others that have achieved less notoriety. One of the most popular portions of her blog, Mommy Angsts, is filled with stories that help moms feel like they aren’t the only ones – and when it comes to blogging, sometimes that is the tie that binds.

4. A Cup of Jo

Jo Goddard is a well-known author and blogger whose site is about more than play-dates and cloth diapers. Moms around the world seem to be drawn to her blog because she covers more than mom-events. You’ll find posts on romance, fashion, entertainment, and all of those things that sometimes get lost along the way in motherhood. If you’re ready to step beyond the burp clothes and visit a blog that encompasses the whole woman, take a minute to stop by A Cup of Jo.

5. Girl’s Gone Child

This site is probably an epitome of mommy blogging – real pictures of real families in real situations. Yes, there are advertisements like many of the popular mommy blogging sites have, but there is also a sense of a genuine mom behind it all. The downside is that the site isn’t very searchable by specific topic, but instead there is a growing list of “recent posts” simply labeled by date. If you’re just looking for common ground and casual reading, this is a popular and down-to-earth mommy blog.


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